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Our proofreaders are specialists. Their main task is to ensure that facts in transcripts are accurate, that the audio is produced faithfully into a WORD document, and that the very highest standards of grammar are adhered to.


Quality assurance of our transcripts:

Way With Words Transcription would like to begin by stating that we have an exhaustive quality control procedure: all documents are checked before being sent to clients. Furthermore, 25% of all transcripts are randomly selected for in-depth quality checks to ensure that our standards are being met, if not exceeded, by our transcribers.

However, our proofreaders are specialists. Their main task is to ensure that facts in transcripts are accurate, that the audio is produced faithfully into a WORD document, and that the very highest standards of grammar are adhered to. Our proofreaders will sit and agonise over what that interviewee was saying at the moment that police siren went off in the background, or what that acronym was that was obscured by coughing, or which person’s voice just squeaked out that obscure and little known fact. While our normal transcription standards are high, proofreaders approach your transcript with the expectation that they will ensure that your transcript is as faithful a reproduction of the content of your sound file as is humanly possible.


Informational accuracy of our transcripts:

There are certainly instances when informational accuracy is of utmost importance – crucial meetings, financial matters, legal wrangling and  court hearings, podcasts that will be posted directly onto web sites, interviews for newspapers…

Our proofreaders are not working to merely “fix” your transcript – our transcribers are trained to comb through the document more than once to identify and “fix” their own work.  Our proofreaders “enhance” – they take the time to research all key terms and names to verify spelling accuracy; they scrutinise content presented and will flag inconsistent or illogical information for you to assess.  They will also confirm that all speech is correctly attributed, even when the speakers are difficult to differentiate. And remember, transcribers are human, and each has one set of ears.  If there is something our transcriber has been unable to hear, our proofreaders can take the time to listen, re-listen, Google, search and correct.


Repair of others’ transcripts:

We are all tempted by the prospect of bargains, but in transcription, perhaps even more than in other fields, you get what you pay for. If the quoted price for your transcription sounds too good to be true, it is. Most people can type, but transcribing is much more than typing – it requires an English language specialist with an understanding of the nuances of language and expression. Transcription done poorly can produce shocking results:


“For score and 7 here’s ergo hour fathers brought fourth on this continent a gnu neigh shun, corn sieved inn liver tea, and dedicated too the preposition that awl men R created =.”


Yes, this is an example cooked up especially for demonstration purposes, because our clients’ audio files and transcripts are extremely confidential.  We wish we could tell you that the standard of the above is lower than that of some of our cut-price bargain-basement competitors, but we can’t. So if you have, in an excess of optimism, engaged the services of an incompetent or shabby service, bringing about disappointing results, we will repair your transcript and bring it up to our exceptional standard.


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6 thoughts on “Why have your transcripts proofread?”

  1. I proof work at my University. Its a dedicated job requiring long hours and a very good knowledge of the subject matter. After all thats why its called “proof” reading. Like the site by the way 🙂

  2. Im a proofreader and its a difficult industry as there are so many who provide this service. Main point is being a proofreader, and a successful one, its on merit these days!

  3. Hm…. Im a proofreader! Surely I’m a proofreader is correct. And its a difficult industry – surely should be it’s a difficult industry? And its on merit must be it’s on merit. The aprostrophe replaces the missing letter, i.e. it is a difficult industry and it is on merit. I suspect these are deliberate errors!

  4. Great Article , my friend is a proofreader and it is a tough job , everyday he gets new assignments and had to juggle with it the whole day , this sectors has got lot of competition but one with the merit is the winner.

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