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“Journey of Life Leading to Way With Words”


Counting down the months to my 40th birthday cake, I am amazed daily by the fact that time truly does not wait for any man.  I’m almost certain it was just the other day that I was running through my Dad’s tobacco/maize crops with my brother.  Anyway, a little coastal town just south of Durban, South Africa, is now home to my little family – me, my husband of almost 17 years, and our two very loved and rather greying dogs.

I was thrilled to discover Way With Words fairly shortly after we immigrated to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2002.  You mean I can type at my own desk and in my own time and actually get paid real money?!  Great!  The nerve wracking application/test process sure made things real and I was so pleased to make it onto the ‘team’.  I dream of being able to transcribe on a more full time basis from home but, for now, I man the front office of a chiropractic clinic Monday to Friday and my very accommodating boss allows me to download/upload and type here at work.

Out of office hours I’m usually buzzing around on my scooter, a treasured gift, which is perfect for the weather here although occasional crazy rain storms do keep things interesting!   My favourite destination is a local halfway house for babies and toddlers (part of the uMephi Project), where a game and a cuddle are always welcome and you get charmed by gummy grins and dimpled fingers.  Destination No.2 is a piano stool in front of a piano (the other keyboard in my life) absolutely anywhere.  I love music and am really enjoying being a part of our church’s worship team.

I look forward to getting busier with my typing this year and definitely think everyone in the WWW office deserves a medal!



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  1. Im a transcriber to. Most companies I have worked for dont pay at some point so be careful. I work for myself and although its hard to get clients I get what I work for.

    1. @ Imogen – I, too, transcribe for Way With Words, like Julie, and I can assure you that they are a top calibre company and we have absolutely no concerns about not getting paid, providing we have delivered top calibre work, on time. We are very fortunate! 🙂

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