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My adventure with Way With Words started in 2009 when, whilst Googling to find a job for a jobless sister, came across the WWW online application.  We both decided to do the test (me, just for fun – haha!) and we both got through the first stage



WHO AM I?  I’m a 60 something year old woman married to my second husband whom, I might add was a blind date, and is the love of my life.  The only thing good that came out of my first marriage was a darling gorgeous son who also lives in Cape Town with his fiance.

WHERE HAVE I LIVED?  Born and bred in Durban, left in 1994 to move to Cape Town (best move ever), then Montagu, then Bedford (Eastern Cape), and now Gordon’s Bay.  I am sure that you have worked out by now that I have a bit of Gypsey blood running through my veins!

WHAT HAVE I DONE IN LIFE?  I have been a secretary all my life, which started with manual typewriters, which made a clanging noise every time you hit the carriage return, and typing a stencil with a razor blade at the ready to “scrape off” your errors!  Boy, those were the days!

When we moved to Cape Town, my hubby and I opened a restaurant/coffee shop which kept us busy for about eight years but nearly killed us at the same time.  From then on I’ve had an outside catering business and, latterly in Bedford, we owned a B&B called The Country Squire.

HAVE I TRAVELLED?  Being ever so lucky in marrying my second husband who was in the travel industry, we’ve had some glorious trips travelling Europe, UK (He is British), and the States, with the highlight being a trip to Disneyland in Florida which was a surprise trip for my son’s 12th birthday – what fun, it was like being a kid again!

HOBBIES?  Don’t have time!  But do love to cook.

HOW DID WAY WITH WORDS COME INTO MY LIFE?  My adventure with WWW started in 2009 when, whilst Googling to find a job for a jobless sister, came across the WWW online application.  We both decided to do the test (me, just for fun – haha!) and we both got through the first stage.  Then came the training, which she wasn’t able to complete but I did – how, I don’t know, because those were the days when it took a week to get a 10 minute file typed.   Seriously, those were really tough days – only for the very brave or very stupid! (Wonder which category I fall in, hmm?)  Anyway, after many “chats” with Mags, who was, sort of, my mentor in those days, I got the call to say that I had been accepted as a Contractor.  I have now been with WWW for nearly four years and I just love it.  I love the work (and even more so when you can hear what you are typing). I love all the people at WWW.  And I love the extra income at the end of the month.  Apart from all the obvious benefits as stated previously, mostly I love broadening my knowledge and keeping the grey cells ticking over – I learn so many new things with every file I type.  Sometimes I even think I know more about the NHS than the NHS itself; I have found parts of my body that I never knew existed, and which bits of it that can be lifted, cut, transplanted or filled – and with what!  I know a lot about severe mentally ill patients and how to keep them occupied – and sometimes feel I’m heading that way too, except I am already occupied.  I know all about Jimmy Saville’s dastardly deeds, Moeletsi Mbeki’s thoughts on our country, why the Aussies need Border Security, where fracking takes place in the world, why Australian children like reading… or not – you name it and I think I’ll know a little something about it.  Where else, you know, could one, sort of, develop, like, such a broad vocabulary and range of, sort of, knowledge, you know?  The only thing WWW hasn’t improved upon is my bad language – I already knew all those words, and most of them are still used regularly on a file by file basis!

Thanks to all at Way With Words for your encouragement, your patience, your comaraderie, the chats and the laughter, and for the work – I look forward to at least another four years working with and for you.


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