So we recommend a digital dictaphone, as this creates an audio file with the same concept as a standard cassette Dictaphone but the sound is of a far superior quality. In addition, digital recorders look very similar to traditional dictation machines but use either built-in memory or removable memory cards. Otherwise, just use your smartphone by searching and downloading one of the many popular dictation recording apps.

For those of you who want to “do-it-yourself”, we have listed the TOP 5 Dictation solutions for you to look at in our article Dictation Typing Services.


Dictation typing services can dramatically improve the turnaround time for work and, most importantly, let you get on with other priorities. All you need to do is simply record your speech and upload that recording to the transcription service of your choice.

Tell them how quickly you want the dictation transcript returned and in which transcript format. They should do the rest.

So, whether you are a teacher, a doctor, an investigator, a student, an attorney, or an author, our dictation typing services make it this easy and let a trusted (reputable) service complete your transcription.

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