Talk Yourself Happy!

There’s an easy-to-articulate, hard-to-implement best practice when it comes teaching yourself to be happy: Talk Yourself Happy! This stems from the recognition that the positive things you say to other people often reverberate back to create positivity in your own life. In effect, saying things to make other people happy will immensely magnify your own Continue Reading

When to NOT use words

You have probably read before about encouraging words that top leaders say every day, motivating phrases, and famous quotes of the greatest leaders. But please bear in mind that great leaders also need to be wise when it comes to the opposite strategy: very often, the smartest thing to say is nothing at all. We Continue Reading

Talk Yourself Happy

Words. We use thousands of them every day. We express with them. We direct with them. We react with them. We accomplish with them. Words are, in short, necessary and powerful.  But while they are powerful going out from our mouths and shaping the world, they are also powerful inside, in shaping ourselves.  How we Continue Reading