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Transcribers tend to be transitory. Indeed, because the majority of transcribers work from home, it’s not uncommon for a transcriber to work for several transcription companies at once, to “follow the work” so to speak during seasonal bursts and lulls, and even to work for oneself on the side.


And though we also have a fair number of transcribers who come and go, who work for us seasonally, who decide to “fly solo” and work for themselves, Way With Words Transcription is exceptionally unique in that we have a large number of transcribers who are extremely committed to us, who have worked for us diligently for years, and who will continue to work for us until “they carry me out feet first,” as claimed by one of our dedicated transcribers!

A recent survey distributed to our over 100 transcribers internationally has revealed some very interesting and specific reasons why our committed Way With Words’ transcribers are just that….committed!


Reason #1 – the flexibility

Transcribing from home allows for a degree of flexibility unlike most other jobs. Transcribers are able to set their own schedules around their own needs as well as the needs of spouses and children.

Here’s what some of our committed Way With Words’ transcribers have said:

“I like the flexibility to transcribe in virtually every spare minute I have”!

 “As things are currently, it works for me being home-based and fits in with my other bookkeeping commitments for my husband’s business”.

“I am totally committed to Way With Words Transcription as a full-time job, make myself available daily and will do what’s thrown at me.  But I do like to take the odd day off here and there for personal time and shopping”!

 “I enjoy the work and it fits into my lifestyle in a way that few other jobs could”.

 “I took the bold step of resigning from an office job to dedicate my time to full-time transcription.”

 “As a single mother and sole-breadwinner, Way With Words Transcription provides me with the flexibility to spend more time with my daughter than the average working mother, whilst earning a decent income”.

 “Finding work that supports my health issues has been difficult in the past and Way With Words Transcription has been a source of understanding and support”.

 “For me, one of the best things is that I can work from home and so my time is usually my own. At my age, I don’t need to be tied down to an office job”.

 “Being a 60 something person, it suits my life style”.


Reason #2 – the transcribing

Despite the misconception that transcribing is easy work suited for anyone who can type about 75 words a minute, transcribing is actually very difficult work and requires intense typing, listening, language and thinking skills. Our skillful and dedicated transcribers enjoy the unique challenges that just about each and every audio file presents.

Here’s what some of them have said:

 “I love being employed and I love all the different topics and levels of difficulty.  It can be very challenging, but keeps me up-to-date with a variety of interesting subjects”.

“I am grateful to Way With Words for giving me the opportunity to work from home.  I find the work very interesting and challenging.  I truly do enjoy getting out of bed in the morning to go to work”.

“I enjoy transcribing because I find a lot of the files very interesting and they help keep me up to date with a variety of subjects”.

“I just love what I do with/for Way With Words Transcription.  Apart from bringing in that very much needed extra income (my hubby is retired), I just find the work totally fascinating and enlightening.  I feel that I have learnt so much about the world and different facets of life during my time with WWW, and long may it last.  I also feel that it helps to keep my brain ticking over and the finger joints from seizing up.”

“I work mornings only and, if I don’t have Way With Words’ work to do in the afternoon or on the weekend, I feel like a fish out of water – I just don’t know what to do with myself!  I always feel so blessed to know that I was that 1% to have been accepted as a Way With Words’ transcription typist.  Don’t get me wrong, it certainly is no walk in the park – its bloody hard work, but I enjoy it.   So, please keep it coming – keep me away from social networking on Facebook”!


Reason # 3 – the money

One reason our committed transcribers are committed is that transcribing for Way With Words Transcription, especially for those transcribing full-time, provides an appreciated source of income. And this is topped-off by regular increases and an efficient and reliable Accounts Department that ensures all payments are made on time.

Here’s what a few of our transcribers have said:

“I enjoy the people I work with, and the work. There is enough work to allow me to make a good amount of money each month, which I could not, were I to try to find work locally”.

 “As transcribing for Way With Words Transcription is my primary source of income, it would not benefit me to be less than committed”. 

 “My work for Way With Words Transcription is extremely important to me as a single mother and sole breadwinner”.

 “Receiving a surprise increase in my hourly rate a few weeks ago made me feel appreciated”!

 “Job ratings and salary increases are fair.”

 “I have been given regular upgrades and increases since starting in 2004”.

Reason # 4 – the growth

Way With Words Transcription has just celebrated its 10th birthday, and we have seen tremendous growth in those ten years…

From one manager, seven typists in one office and a small team of around 30 transcribers, to a staff component of 13 managers and administrators, and over 100+ talented transcribers located all over the world.

From an 80m square office consisting of one room shared by all, to over 200m square of office space, each department with its own section, and we might assume expanding again!

From no organisational structure or game plan with services covering transcription, copy typing, and even translation, to one core service (English language transcription) and distinct departments for Sales & Marketing, Operations, Accounts, Human Resources & Training, Quality Control service.  And, a 5-Year Company Plan.

From being essentially a general secretarial service, to a unique new distinct and professional brand with the specific goal of gaining additional global recognition for our one quality service: English transcription.

From billing in one main currency (GBP), with a client base that was relatively small and local, to our current billing in 22 currencies, with a client base that has spread worldwide.

From one old static website to our latest generation of multiple-service dedicated sites including the establishing of a clear brand presence in social media.

Here’s what one of our committed transcribers has said:

Way With Words has been a lifeline to me.  I am getting quite old now, but am still energetic and cannot see the day coming when I hang up my headphones for good.  I was one of the first typists who were recruited – in the days when a courier used to deliver CDs to my home and I sometimes had to go to the local computer outlet to upload work when my system crashed.  The technology has improved and there has been a steady stream of work for several years – it is so easy now to download and send transcripts.   The people I am in contact with at the office are always patient and accommodating.   I love the fact that we are now receiving newsletters – it gives such a great image to the company.  So well done, team, on that innovative addition. I must stop now – I have work to do!!!


Reason #5 – the appreciation

People like to feel appreciated for their work well done, and this is especially true of transcribers who work from home.  Not only can they often feel a bit isolated, but they also submit their completed work without seeing or talking to a client.  Way With Words Transcription has recognised the need to remind our transcribers how very much we depend on their excellent work!

Here’s what a couple transcribers say:

“Appreciation – that’s the key reason for wanting to transcribe for Way With Words Transcription in future…useful feedback that constructive and makes me feel valued.”

“The Operations Managers are quick to thank us or praise us for a job well done.”

“I like the constructive criticisms – they keep me on my toes.  Whenever a client has made a positive comment, it has been forwarded to me.”

 “Operation shows appreciation personally when allocating to me as a transcriber….and Way With Words show appreciation through emails and the Transcriber Newsletter.”

Reason #6 – the staff

In every sense of the word, each person on our staff has added an invaluable dimension to making this small company a powerhouse of growth and positivity.

It is said that only parts can make a whole and the parts in this lucky group are literally made up by an incredible team of staff, managers and dedicated transcribers.  We have fun, we have occasional tears, we are serious, we are committed, we are supportive and we manage (without hesitation) each and every turn that comes our way. Whether it’s a new client, a relevant business opportunity, a transcriber’s achievement or a birthday, we celebrate!

Here’s what some transcribers say about our staff:

“The managers are full of fun, helpful advice and cooperative when I have a rare problem keeping to a deadline.”

“I enjoy working with all the Operations people.  They know what I am capable of doing and always consider this before assigning work.”

“I’m sure Ops are representative of the rest of Way With Words and a company with this good a human resource strategy deserves support.”

 “Operations Managers go out of their way to find work suitable for my personal working conditions… and if I run into problems with a job.”

“The staff are friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble for them; they are tremendously patient.”

“The staff are fantastic.”

“I can also upgrade my IT skills – and if I get stuck, I can and do call on the helpful managers at Way With Words Transcription.”

“Operations knows what I’m capable of doing and always consider this before assigning work.”

“Operations Managers are definitely a big reason why I’m keen to continue working with Way With Words Transcription in the future.”


Reason #7 – the company

“I was impressed with Way With Words from the word go and I was super impressed that they would train you, if you made it through the gruelling testing process.  It showed me that they were interested in finding, sorting and grooming excellent transcribers who would be an asset to the Company (not like the other way round where some expect you to pay them for the honour of considering your application.)”

“Way With Words Transcription is very professional at all times, serious about what they do and committed to excellence.”

“The wonderful staff and support structure make it a pleasure to work for Way With Words and, in a world of even poorer grammar, I am committed to Way With Words’ objective of providing quality transcripts.”

“The company is fair and has shown good ethics, and I believe it is worth committing to.”

“I find Way with Words to be very professional at all times, serious about what they do and committed to excellence.  I felt privileged to be offered a transcribing position and the fact that I could work from home is an enormous blessing.”

“I enjoy working for Way with Words.  It is dedicated to producing a high quality of work and has staff who are committed to doing this.”

“I feel committed to WWW because, after 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom, terrified of getting back into the workplace but needing to make my mark on the world, I was given a unique opportunity to work for a professional, efficient and a company of high quality that gives me the flexibility to work from home and trusts me to meet deadlines and produce high quality transcripts.  When I started working for Way With Words in 2008, I was trained, encouraged, inspired and motivated until I was confident in the knowledge that I was a good transcriber, and that still continues today under the operations team who  are always supportive and encouraging, especially on those off days.   I am the envy of many friends and family who would love to have this kind of working environment and continuously ask me, can’t you get me in?! So I will remain committed to Way With Words Transcription for as long as they’ll have me!”


What do our committed transcribers give to Way With Words? Their absolute BEST!

“My commitment to Way With Words and producing the best possible document never wavers.  Way With Words always gets my best effort – though on occasion, in an effort to broaden my horizons or help out or whatever the particular case, I have bitten off more than I can chew.  In that case I make sure to notify Ops well in advance of what the situation is, so that Ops can make the decision on what is to be done – whether it be assistance or extra time.  Even with the file from hell, I always try and don’t easily give up. 

For example, I agreed one evening to type a quick ½ hour full verbatim document for Ros… It turned out to be the job from hell.  What should have taken me a couple of hours TOOK ME THE ENTIRE NIGHT.  The IV had a stutter and was extremely fond of stuttered verbiage.  Truly, the file made me cry, rant and rave, but I couldn’t give it back in the middle of the night and I was more conscious than ever before of how WWW was were relying on me to do the work – giving up was not an option.  I slogged on and got it done without compromising the quality of my work and counting and typing yet another of those ten stuttered ‘you knows’  before the IV has even said anything of value… I think I earned half of value as it was 8 or 9 hours work – but I did so without (too much) complaint and never compromising the integrity and quality of my document – though I would dearly have loved to have given up and gone to bed).  Anyway let’s not get out the violins, but this is certainly proof that I take my work for Way With Words seriously.”


And will they stick with us? You betcha!

“I absolutely do see myself continuing in my role as transcriber for Way With Words Transcription, probably until I drop from exhaustion!!”

“I would like to continue for as long as possible.  I enjoy it immensely and learn a lot.”

“I will stay till they carry me out feet first.”

“I will continue in my role as transcriber for Way With Words  for as long as they will have me.”


Our transcribers bring into focus what is truly important and matters to us all and why we are here at the end of the day:  Considering ourselves so lucky. From the moment of selection, training and induction to the moment transcribers become “live”, they create the very heart of who we are, our service, how we are seen, and affirm the very essence of the name we want to create and grow. Without them we are an empty home —  a business without a family.


So, to all our committed transcribers, a big and truly heartfelt THANK YOU from Way With Words Transcription!




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  1. Wow, what a fab article. This certainly sticks out when compared to a few other companies I looked at on the net to see peoples comments and thoughts. I will certainly be in touch!

  2. Not good. I work with two smallish transcription companies. On the internet they look very good, even international (I wont mention names here), but both have failed to pay me now for over 2 months. Bad patch they said. Although looking good both are also run by couples (not the same!). So do some research before commiting to work for anyone – avoid those dodgy little ones!

  3. I’ve worked for two different transcription companies (won’t name them here) that made it so difficult and cumbersome to actually be paid for a transcript that eventually it wasn’t worth the effort. They demanded excellence, which they have a right to, a quick turnaround, which they have to expect, but when it came to payment they hedged and dodged. Who needs that?

  4. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later on. Many thanks.

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