Imagine: a South Africa university B-Com student trudging across the University of Cape Town with a backpack sagging under the weight of heavy textbooks. A rock musician in Cambodia, who was born in Tasmania and, fluent in several languages, was previously a translator for the UN. A teacher in Poland who regularly travels to Scotland for holidays. A husband and wife in the Eastern United States who own their own company together. A British mother who relocated to Austria for her son to attend specialised studies only available there. A single woman in Turkey who worked previously as a medic in the British Forces before going into medical sales.

These, and so many others, are delighted to be earning or supplementing their income from transcription jobs as work-from-home transcribers!

Transcribing is a delightful and highly educational job, as the audio files transcribed into WORD documents are sent in by clients all over the world and contain information on topics from rhino poaching to divorce settlements, to cutting-edge financial news, to medical and scientific research, to the devastation of the earthquakes in Nepal, to interviews with television personalities and war veterans, to focus group discussing the upcoming UK elections.

Transcription jobs allow for individuals to transcribe from home for people from all over the world and provide the flexibility to earn money in an engaging way. Work-at-home transcription jobs can offer a number of benefits. You don’t have to worry about dress codes or rising early to battle rush hour traffic. Work-at-home transcription jobs are also ideal for anyone who needs maximum scheduling flexibility, such as parents with young children. The legal and medical professions, as well as the business world, media companies, universities and individuals world-wide have a need for reliable transcription services, which has created an increasing demand for qualified, capable home transcriptionists.

And best of all – there is always work available, day in and day out, in any part of the world, any time zone.
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