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Way With Words

Way With Words is an international company providing English language transcription services and solutions. We are continually seeking independent contractors from across from anywhere in the world to join our transcription team.

What You Need

To work for us as an independent contractor you will need:

  • excellent command of the English language and a good knowledge of the rules of grammar and punctuation;
  • to be able to hear and type accurately, follow formats and meet deadlines;
  • your own computer and transcribing equipment/software;
  • the capacity to turn around work within 24 hours, when necessary.

Being able to understand a broad range of international accents, as well as having an extensive and varied subject knowledge is advantageous.

No transcribing experience is needed to start with us.

We accept applications from all countries.

Working For Us Short Video

Update 2019: We currently have large volume projects planned for 2019/2020, which will also require freelance transcribers from South Africa, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom (including expats located elsewhere).

Our friendly recruitment team will happily guide you through your first couple of files.

For more information and to complete the application process visit our Jobs website. Rates and other associated information can be found in our FAQ on the site.

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