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Transcription for Doctors – The Benefits

Are you drowning under the huge admin load placed on your practice?

Are you drowning under the huge admin load placed on your practice? The number of documents needing to be created on a daily basis can be cumbersome and wastes precious time. Anything from referral letters to medical reports, consultations to motivation letters and more. Keeping accurate records is not only good for on-going patient care, but is also required by law in many instances.

Accurate records nowadays are a must, but there are also other reasons to keep your records in tip-top shape. Here we list a few:

  • On-going patient management
  • Conduct clinical audits
  • Promote teaching and research
  • Use for admin purposes
  • Kept as direct evidence for litigation, occupational disease or injury compensation
  • Use for research data
  • Use for historical purposes
  • Promote good clinical and laboratory practices
  • Make case reviews possible

These records are often required to be kept for long periods of time, and keeping them in paper format can take up a huge amount of space, not to mention the potential risk of fire or theft. Electronic formats are far easier to manage with plenty of security options available.

The quickest way to keep accurate records is to dictate and then transcribe your notes.

However, this in itself can be challenging considering the time it takes to actually transcribe audio notes into a text format.  Secretaries are under pressure to do invoicing, answer telephones and deal with patients amongst other things and this often leaves them with little or no time to transcribe.

This is where a transcription service provider can help.

Suppose you’ve hit a busy period, have an emergency or your secretary isn’t in, a transcription service provider can keep your practice running smoothly, cost-effectively and, importantly, on time.

Way With Words is a transcription service provider, with over 5,000 prestigious clients, many of which are in the medical field.

Plenty of medical clients choose us for some of the reasons below:

  • No hidden costs – WYSIWYG (in other words ‘what you see is what you get’)
  • It doesn’t matter how many speakers there are – whether it’s 3 or 300 speakers you pay one flat rate
  • Quick, convenient and accurate
  • No hassle, no fuss…  get a quote, upload your files and receive your transcripts when YOU want them
  • Only local transcribers transcribe your audio files – no language barriers


For a bit of entertainment watch our video on medical transcription for doctors…we hope you enjoy!


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