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It was while we were in Spain and I was looking for work that I came across the advert in a local paper for Way With Words, and the rest is history, as they say


I was born in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean, where my father worked as a civil servant.  My parents did four three-year ‘tours’ on the island, so I spent much of my childhood and teenage years moving backwards and forwards between the UK and Cyprus.  When my dad reached retirement age we settled in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in the UK.  I had my daughter, Gemma, at a very young age, so my career started later than most people’s.  After dabbling in hairdressing for a while and deciding that wasn’t for me I returned to college.  Having moved schools so many times I only actually managed to pass one exam with flying colours, and that was the RSA typing exam, so I decided to focus on that and studied information technology and business studies.

It was in Scarborough that I met my husband, who was at the time working part time as a security doorman at a local wine bar, where I went one evening to see the Chippendales perform (that’s the hunky men not the furniture!).  In addition to this part time job my husband’s main job was a sales and marketing director for a major food company, a job which he hated.  He spent many years trying to persuade me to move abroad again so that he could fulfil his dream of becoming a professional singer, but for the first time in my life I had actually settled in the UK, where I had a great job working as a personal assistant to the Chairman and Sales and Marketing Director of a printing company.  However, after returning from a very enjoyable holiday one year he caught me at a weak moment and I agreed.  We sold everything in the UK and moved to the Costa del Sol in Spain.

It was while we were in Spain and I was looking for work that I came across the advert in a local paper for Way With Words, and the rest is history, as they say.  We only lasted 11 months in Spain as we quickly discovered why the Costa del Sol had adopted the name ‘Costa del Crime’!  After having our apartment burgled and meeting many shady characters (all UK expats) we decided that Spain wasn’t for us and we moved to Cyprus, where we have now been for the last eight years.  I love Cyprus, the weather, the culture, and especially the food!  Sadly, like Greece, the island has been severely affected by the economic crisis and everyone is struggling, but I thank God every day for every bit of work that Way With Words puts my way, so thank you, ladies!


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  1. I think I met Trisha in Cyprus a few years ago (maiden name Golsing). Trish was such a fun girl and from what I remember so dedicated to her outsource typing and language transcribing work. If its the same Trish then hello from Annie and fam!

  2. Reading little snaps of how people live is interesting. Being in the translation/ transcibing business service myself, I think finding a good client is one way of doing it. I prefer going alone – but then I have a small good group of clients who are friends as well. So you go Trsih and co!

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