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It’s the perfect job for me, as I am never bored, I enjoy the challenges, and I find the subject matter mostly very interesting. Thanks Way With Words.”


I matriculated in 1990, not at all sure what I wanted to do for a career, but I did know I wanted to travel, and soon!  So at my parent’s insistence I did a year’s secretarial course which I found very tiresome but I am very grateful I did it.  Once I had finished the course I found my first lowly paid secretarial job in Wynberg.  I saved like a mad woman and after six months I had enough for my air ticket and I was off to the UK.  I was lucky enough to have a UK passport and found a good secretarial job really easily in the centre of London.  It was exciting and fun and I loved every minute of being in London.

Well, five years later, I was still in London! I had been to New Zealand, France, Belgium, all around South America and America, funding my travels with spurts of working in London.  At 26 I decided to head home.  I came back to South Africa and once again found a good secretarial job really quickly on a beautiful golf estate working for a construction company.

Well, it was at this job I met Reg, my husband.  We were engaged within a year and married a year later.  I fell pregnant shortly afterwards with our first child.  I worked all throughout my pregnancy and had every intention of returning to work when Jenna was six months old.  I had a good job at Investec at the time.

But becoming a mommy changed everything! I couldn’t bear to go back to work and leave Jenna with a maid/creche, and Reg and I decided I would stay at home for the meantime…. Fast forward a year and along came little Ben. So now we had two little ones under two and I needed to find a way of earning money but not leaving my babies!

So paging through the newspaper one day was an advert for transcribers, asking for good English skills and ability to type.  Yay, that sounded perfect, so off I went for the interview and got the job.  Back in those days the work was delivered on a CD by a guy in a Citi golf!

That was eight years ago and we have since added Ella to our family.  I’ve been able to be a ‘stay at home’ mom and earn an income, and I am very grateful.  It’s been hard work, late nights, early mornings, but I wouldn’t change anything.  My children know when I am working and have grown up to be independent confident kids.  I am able to watch every ballet show and sports match and keep them home when they are ill without a thought.

It’s the perfect job for me, as I am never bored, I enjoy the challenges, and I find the subject matter mostly very interesting. Thanks Way With Words.


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  1. I am sure this story about Mandy has touched if not motivated many readers to get out there to find work that does exist! its really really pleasant to read this kind of story and to look how people actually live their lives! Maybe it sounds like voyeuring but thanks Mandy for sharing.

  2. Awesome to see this kind of blog in a typing and language service area that is so poorly managed generally.No advertising! no million links to nowhere! no false leads! no promises of fortunes for little work. Stay that way and you have 1 committed follower!

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