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I was happy to learn about Way With Words through the grapevine. I love the flexibility of this work and I especially appreciate not having to commute, a soul-destroying activity!


Life, for me, started out with some challenges. I am an only child of a single parent and I was diagnosed with ‘autism‘ aged one or two. I was trapped in my own world until I learned how to read and discovered the magic of books! I read voraciously throughout my childhood, and still do. After matriculating, and still unsure of what I wanted to do with my life, I studied for a diploma in marketing management – a qualification I have never used in my working life.

I spent six years in England in the nineties where, amongst other things, I completed a course in hypnotherapy. I worked predominantly as a carpet cleaner, working in the most expensive areas of London, for which I was well remunerated, and saw inside the homes of many celebrities – names such as Goldsmith and Gallagher spring to mind – and other wealthy people. Carpet cleaning apparatus is rather heavy and elevators are not common in London buildings, but, despite all the lugging up stairs, it certainly was fun.

Upon my return to South Africa I did a stint renovating and “flipping” houses in Knysna, my ancestral home, but it soon became clear I was not cut out for a career in interior design. Since then I worked as head waiter for a well-known Cape Town seafood restaurant, where I was given the additional task of proofreading new menus and marketing communications. I’m one of those annoying people who spot spelling errors everywhere, most often on the front page of newspapers. My talent for spelling ought to be wholly eclipsed by the advent of spell checkers but it still amazes me how little use people seem to make of them. Here’s a lovely example in Adderley Street, Cape Town.


For years I have wanted to find a way to generate income using my computer because I spend so much time using it and I was happy to learn about Way With Words through the grapevine. I love the flexibility of this work and I especially appreciate not having to commute, a soul-destroying activity! I live in the suburbs with my Macedonian partner of 11 years and enjoy pursuing other interests such as amateur astrology, gardening (plants don’t have emotional baggage!) and, of course, reading and learning about the world.


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  1. Hey Andrew! It feels so good to know that regular work out there is possible – and you have such a great lifestyle to boot. My wife (sharon) and I work on an outsource basis and I can tell you that in the editing /editorial world getting payment and cash out of your contractors is like extracting teeth from a hippo mate! Hope these guys treat you well and on time. Tell them how lucky they are! 😉

  2. Yeah, agree. Been retrenched now for 6 months and counting. Any work now is hard to come by and lots of scams in many of the online services. I get lots of emails daily offering free income with just this small charge … in small letters. Sounds like you pretty lucky there mate. How does one apply to Way With Words? Do they pay regularly and on time? One has to be careful.

  3. Hullo Michael.

    First of all we are sorry about your employment situation. Way With Words model of doing business is based on a social responsibility principle, which means we balance our advances in technology and provision of our services worldwide with employing only the best possible transcribers, proofreaders and captioners. We will soon be launching our translation service to complement our other services and consolidate our position as the world’s leading quality people communications service provider.

    For anyone wanting to work for us, we require they undergo a rigorous assessment process. After this, if they are successful, there is a short training process. This usually assures us that candidates who make it this far not only have the required skills but also tenacity to go on and work for us. Our client base is global and we do have the most renown and demanding clients in many countries who only expect the best.

    To find our more about working for Way With Words, please visit

    We wish you well.

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