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Welcome to the Wayne and Jane series. They are having a bit of a rough time at work. Keep checking back to see the next episode and to find out what they’ve been up to.

Do you think Wayne should lose his job?

Take a look at Part 1 of our Wayne and Jane series. Once you’ve watched this video, tell us if you think Wayne should be fired?

10 thoughts on “The Wayne and Jane Series – Part 1”

  1. No, Wayne should not necessarily be fired – the responsibility was as much Jane’s as his – there was obviously a serious lack of communication happening – perhaps they should both be sent on a training course to learn how to communicate effectively.

  2. I think Wayne needs to take responsibility for his actions. It was his job to do the firing and as there was more than one Kate he should have checked. They are both guilty, but Wayne even more so.

  3. I feel Jane should take responsibility. She’s the one that gave the instruction. I think her instructions to Wayne weren’t clear. I want to know if the company re-appointed Kate B and if she accepted.

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