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A transcription service is just a transcription service – or is it? Here are five things we do to make our service one of ‘par excellence’ as we want our clients to appreciate our efforts and recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

First, unlike most other transcription services, our clients tell us their deadline – we don’t tell them. Most companies ask clients the length of their files and then dictate to the clients the turnaround time necessary for that particular length of file. We don’t! You tell us. Need a four hour file transcribed straight away? We will do it. Need a file transcribed overnight and on your desk in the morning? We will do it. Need an important confidential file transcribed over the weekend? We will do it. We offer transcription services to suit your personal needs, not our convenience.

Secondly, we time stamp for free! Unless an audio is 100% perfectly clear, it is rare for a transcript to be 100% free of [unclear] and [inaudible] words. To assist you in finding those words in your audio and having a go at listening and trying to figure these difficult words out, we offer not one, but two free time stamps per transcript page and we time stamp the [unclear] and [inaudible] words as well. All in an effort to make your life easier…

Thirdly, and especially as we do a great deal of work for courts and police and attorneys, we provide a Certificate of Authenticity presentable to the courts. We state the title of the file transcribed, and commit that the file was transcribed by Way With Words, confidentially, to the best of our ability commensurate with the sound quality of the file. This is signed by a manager and converted into PDF for the client for submission into court records with a copy of the transcript.

Fourth, we happily accept audio files of any quality! We will tackle those files that other companies decline. Here’s what we do: we listen, we evaluate the sound quality, we boost the sound if we deem it beneficial, we determine the accents and subject matter, and only then do we select and allocate to the very best and most experienced transcribers for your particular file!

And finally, we have gone low low low on price for BASIC transcripts by trainee transcribers: just the title of the file followed by the words spoken, a plain and simple layout, all speakers identified as SP – no time coding or speaker names or special instructions. So, when you just need a record of the words spoken, go for our BASIC service – basic transcript and basic price.

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