Comment – Machine Transcription Friend or Foe?

LETS TALK: MACHINE TRANSCRIPTION FOR AUDIO TO TEXT – FRIEND, FOE OR? Audio to text software everywhere is appearing and becoming more mainstream as the accuracy of dialect and accent improves through various evolving speech training algorithms. So will the relevance of using such software beat using human-based transcription? That’s the open question we have Continue Reading

Transcription Jobs A Treat

TRANSCRIPTION JOBS Imagine: a South Africa university B-Com student trudging across the University of Cape Town with a backpack sagging under the weight of heavy textbooks. A rock musician in Cambodia, who was born in Tasmania and, fluent in several languages, was previously a translator for the UN. A teacher in Poland who regularly travels Continue Reading

Excellent Interview Transcription Services

INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTION Perhaps you are a journalist conducting a ground-breaking interview for tomorrow’s headline news. Or perhaps you are a historian recording interviews for a Historic British Columbia River Highway Oral History Project. Or perhaps you are speaking with your grandparents to record and preserve information and descriptions about their way of life to pass Continue Reading