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Post Production Scripts

What are Post-Production Scripts and why would you need them?

Within the production industry, getting your post-production transcripts within super speedy time is paramount. And of course you need to throw accuracy into the mix as well.

What is a Post-Production Script?

In plain English the post-production script is literally your film on paper, word for word and shot for shot.

A post-production script can be used for the following reasons:

  • Subtitling – adding captions onto the show
  • Dubbing – if you need to dub your script into another language
  • Reversioning – if you need to change speech within the film


Why would you need a Post-Production Script?


First and foremost, broadcasters will normally insist on a post production script as part of your contractual requirements. It is an invaluable resource which entails every detail of your production.

There are varying formats for post-production scripts, but you might not need all of them.

They can have the following features:

  • Speech or Audio – you will have a full transcript of every word that is spoken
  • Music – music cues are named accordingly
  • Video – a description of everything that can be seen including pictures, titles or captions
  • Time Coding – all of the above is identified through a time code

You might not need all of the above features, but choose which options are necessary.


How do you go about creating a Post-Production Script?


There are a couple of ways to create a post-production script, including the following:

  • Create the script in house – you will need to sit and type in all the details of the production whilst viewing and listening to the show. This includes the description of the music and the video as well as identifying all speech and adding time-coding to everything.
  • You can outsource – you could choose a transcription provider with post-production script experience, which can save you a lot of time.


Both of these options are viable, but you will need to choose the option that suits you best.



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