cloned transcriberThe Perfect Transcriber
Operations: Mags Jackson
Way With Words

Wide Brow – denotes big brain – this lady knows a few things

Short hair – much easier for using headphones

Arched eyebrows – this lady has an enquiring mind – what she doesn’t know, she soon will

Steely eyes – this lady gets the job done

Sweet mouth – a sunny disposition – this lady always helps us out in emergencies

Strong jaw shows determination – she will Google to bits to find that word

Available – she’s always available, we can contact her any time

Accents – she’s well-travelled so she has picked up a lot of knowledge together with good recognition of multiple accents.

Driven – She’s strong and readily takes 120 minutes a day

We love her, and we want to clone her!


4 thoughts on “The Perfect Transcriber”

  1. It seems everyone is then not a perfect transcriber! Enjoyed this article very much although it does suggest a robotic approach with software overtones! Nice site by the way, ONE OF THE BEST I have ever seen for transcribers. Who are your developers?

  2. This is Mags and this article applies to both ladies and gents.  We have some wonderful men who transcribe for us, however, I could only do one photfit shot,and choose a woman.

    Fiona, glasses, a stiff drink, non-arthritic fingers, a padded bottom and a limited social life are optional.

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