FEATURE: Transcribe Video To Text

TRANSCRIBING VIDEO TO TEXT IS FOR EVERYONE It’s not just marketers and film producers who benefit from transcribing video to text. Anyone who creates video content can leverage the versatility of video-to-text transcription to enhance their users’ experience. THE CASE TO TRANSCRIBE VIDEO TO TEXT Video transcription is a common service which marketers,​ presenters,​ and Continue Reading

FEATURE: 5 Best Transcription Service Markers

WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN CHOOSING TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES Transcription services vary. Many specialize in one type of transcription,​ while others specialize in specific industries,​ subject matter,​ languages or even accents. However,​ there are a few features that the best transcription services all have in common: 1. A COMMITMENT TO QUALITY Quality is the number one Continue Reading

FEATURE: A LITTLE STORY FOR 2019 – Way With Words Transcription Services

It’s a little story … of a little global transcription company … called Way With Words. Because its personal … We could be described as a fun and dedicated team of energetic youngsters and young at heart 🙂 We get reminded every day at work about the challenges of life – from how tough it Continue Reading


Howard Dean was a favorite to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2004. That is, until the former Vermont governor gave a speech at the Iowa caucus in January 2004 and delivered the scream heard around the world. His overenthusiastic “YEAH!” reverberated as a global joke, essentially ending his chances at ever winning the Continue Reading

TOP TIPS: 5 Tips for Content Marketing For 2019

Content, content, content, content and, you guessed it, more content! If you’re involved in marketing, content marketing is the universal language for success in today’s digital age. Without a doubt, this is the way forward for marketers. But make no mistake, content creation takes an immense amount of time and effort. So, how do businesses Continue Reading