How long have you been working with Way With Words?

I’ve been with WWW for two years and three months. Gosh. Already.

How did you come across us?

I was living in Cambodia, working as a transcriber for the Khmer Rouge Tribunal for three years. It was time for a change. I was looking for a transcription job that could support me in Europe, and after a few months of intermittent Internet searching I found you and I’ve never looked back.

Where are you from?

I grew up in Hobart, Tasmania.

How did you become a transcript proofreader?

I took typing at high school when all my mates took computer studies.  I spent a lot of time with tape recorders trying to figure out the words to songs.  These came together when I started working in the electronic media monitoring industry back in the early ’90s; like a press clipping service but using radio and TV news and current affairs instead of newspapers.  One of the services provided was transcripts of news stories, interviews, etc. Eventually I moved across into more transcription based companies and years later wound up in Cambodia.

What have you done in your past life?

I did 7 years in electronic media monitoring; I’ve worked as a dishwasher, secretary, paralegal, corporate writer, bar manager, in companies big and small, public and private sector, the United Nations, on three continents and never for more than three years anywhere.

Can you tell us some interesting stuff or little known facts about you?

The things people tend to find interesting about me are that I’m a poet, songwriter, singer and guitarist, and that I take advantage of my non-location specific job to live in interesting places like France and (currently) Cambodia, while indulging my artistic whims. Among my claims to fame is being a founder and ongoing intermittent member of The Cambodian Space Project, a Cambodian band now in constant global touring mode.  I am also known for wearing a hat.

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