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Operations Support – Way With Words

I really enjoy Way With Words; the people here are marvellous

What is your job title? Operations support

What does your job here entail? My job entails assisting in making sure quality work is produced on time. I don’t know how I have made it sound so simple; it’s all about multi-tasking.

Tell us some fun tid-bits about yourself: I love travelling, and have worked and travelled in Asia for three years. I have also travelled a small chunk of Africa, and have dreams of driving from Cape to Cairo (one day!). I love outdoors; camping and fishing are two of my favourite activities (particularly enjoyable when hippos and crocs are present). Cold weather is beastly and does not agree with me.

Tell us some unusual tid-bits about yourself: I love cats, particularly fat ones, and giving fat cats catnip. I go through strange eating phases. The latest has been a cereal binge, all meals were cereal. All meals were therefore munched from a large pink mug (so much easier than a bowl). I can no longer eat cereal (NEVER again). I do this with songs too, and this binge behaviour of mine inevitably leads to hating the things I once loved. All of my hot beverages have to be had BOILING hot, there is nothing I find more revolting that a lukewarm cuppa tea/hot choco/coffee. Similarly, cold drinks must be icy cold. Runny egg really makes my belly twist in disgust, especially when I have to sit across from someone and watch whilst they use toast as a mop, and the yellow gloop drips from their mouth.

Tell us about your family: My Dad is British and trotted over to Zimbabwe when he was about 23 (bringing horror, awe, and disbelief to those around him). It was there that he met my Momma Bear on a blind date, falling desperately in love with an African lass, which again brought fear and doubt into the community far away in a small, cold, damp town in England. He convinced my mum to go back to his frigid land; alas, it lasted but a few weeks and they returned to Zim. They had my sister there and then moved to South Africa, where the said sister and I were raised on biltong and sunshine. Father currently lives in Ireland, travels all the time, and has somehow maintained an old-fashioned lifestyle. I get a letter in the mail every week, and a phone call off a pay phone once a week. My red-haired cat named Beasti has taken up residence with the Mother hen in Howick (KwaZulu Natal) due to my constant moving. This saddens me.

What kinds of work have you done previously? I have taught for a few years, worked as a reporter, and been involved with a few projects (volunteer basis). I feel very strongly about projects educating young people in our country in terms of sexual health.

What did you think of WWW when you first applied? I liked the interview process, which I ordinarily hate. Everyone was very friendly, despite my hated past life in journalism.

What do you think of WWW now? I really enjoy it; the people here are marvellous. There is a myriad of colour on all the systems and whilst dazzling they can be confusing.

What do you like best about working at WWW? I have really enjoyed getting to know the transcribers as they have all been very welcoming.  Also my life as an insomniac trolling the net is over, and narcolepsy has become the new order of the day – I like it.

List two things you are passionate about and two things you can’t stand: I’m passionate about educating youth on sexual health and also feel strongly about gender equality. I hate corruption, and pretentious folk.

Tell us a unique ability: I have a great eating ability. My stomach has a strange stretching capacity which has allowed me to win a Spur eating contest. This involved four plates of ribs and chips and a sad defeat for all others present, particularly a large man-colleague who was my strongest competition. His confidence was systematically destroyed with each new plate, while beads of sweat gathered on his brow as he stared at me in disbelief as I happily plastered sauce on each new meal.



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