job content writer

BRIEF provides English-language transcription services to clients globally. Our clients require transcription for a wide variety of topics and range from individuals, students and professionals to governments and corporates.

We are looking for articulate, fresh and SEO-savvy content writers to publish keyword landing pages for our website:

We are keen to build a strong search engine presence based on our brand position. The objective of the landing pages and topics provided by us will be to advise/inform/guide clients on subject matter we feel may lead them to choose as their transcription provider.


The proposed arrangement would involve you (the writer) to draft a topical landing/splash page for each subject/keyword proposed by our company.

On approval, would then format the article as required for internal and external links, add images and publish onto our website. These pages will cover many key topics which we would identify and submit to the writer to draft content. Again, we would choose topics that are directly related to our services or which we feel would help promote quality traffic.


Articles to be used on our website must be drafted with the following broad guidelines in mind:

  • Articles/content should be crafted/written to interest the target audience (some in question format; others more topical).
  • Articles must be unique (no copy).

A sample article (that can still be improved) can be seen here:


  • The article must have a length of between 350 – 400 words.
  • The article must include the select [keyword] to appear around 7 times.
  • Article header/title length should be around 5 words and use the keyword – e.g. “Fast Audio Transcription Saves Time” (keyword: audio transcription) or “How to Prepare An Interview” (keyword: prepare an interview)
  • The article must start with “summary paragraph” so the reader will know immediately what the article is about.
  • The article may end with key points (summary bullets) or tips.
  • The article should provide around 3 external links for further reading on points the author feels would add more value (these can be listed in your cover submission note).


We pay US$10 per article. We only pay for published content.


All published content will be our copyright and cannot be resold by the content writer.


If you would like to be considered, please follow the steps below:


Email marketing(at) with the subject line “APPLICATION – WAYWITHWORDS CONTENT WRITER” and submit:

  • Your contact details.
  • Your LinkedIn profile or CV.
  • Reference/s to some past writing work you have done.
  • A sample article of 350 words on any topic you may have drafted in the past, or would like to write for the purposes of this application (the article does not have to be about our industry).


  • If we are interested, we will contact you. If you do not receive a reply after 10 days after emailing us, please assume we are not interested in your services.
  • If we contact you, you will receive a Keyword topic to draft an article.
  • You will need to send a complete article within 3 days from our request. This is so relevant articles can be published weekly.


If your article is successfully published, and we would like to continue to engage with you, we will send you a service agreement. The agreement will include the necessary payment process and our rights to the work/material you draft for us (copyright, etc).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.