Virtual careers – Technology has impacted the world in more ways than we can count. No sector more so than the world of virtual careers.

Flexjobs defines a virtual job as: “The type of telecommuting job where you will most likely be working 100 percent from home, or 100 percent virtually. This phrase is most often used with jobs like Virtual Administrative Assistant, Virtual Teacher, or Virtual Sales, and it can also be included in the job description. Again, a virtual job will most likely be a job where you telecommute 100 percent of the time.”

With the widespread increase in access to technology, more and more people are turning to virtual careers to sustain and develop themselves. New jobs are being created and existing sectors are rapidly expanding. Virtual careers has created a situation where people can shape their professional life around their personal lives.

Gone are the days of the 9-5. Upward mobility, career paths and job scarcity are no longer the issues they once were. Someone in Brazil can now work for an Australian company without even leaving his home. As long as someone has a skill, the world of virtual careers means that he/she has a market to sell it on.

In developing countries, virtual careers has allowed people to empower themselves by finding jobs, supporting themselves and building new skills, to further contribute to the development of their own countries. Online English courses, translation and transcription are just a few of the possible careers one can pursue.

These careers are not limited to full time workers. Students can gain practical experience as well as make an extra income, without having compromise their studies, as virtual jobs are more flexible, while retirees choose to work as a way to stay active.

In summary, virtual careers offer solutions to multiple job related issues. Whether it is part time work to supplement income or a full time job, this medium has opened doors to people where doors did not previously exist. In a rapidly changing world, the flexibility of a virtual career has many benefits. No longer are we dependent on our immediate surroundings, we really do have the ability to be working citizens of the world.

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