best transcription services review and comparison way with words

Choosing a transcription service has never been harder.

This post reviews a wide range of services that currently offer transcription, considers their public reputation and comes up with five online transcription services they think make the grade.

When shopping for the best transcription services, you want a fast and accurate turnaround. You want services that are flexible with competitive pricing options. It’s also important that you find a service that is reliable. To help out, you might also like to read some of our top tips for choosing the best transcription service beforehand.

The best transcription services focus on accuracy, turnaround, and competitive pricing. They range from a rate per minute to subscription-based services.

It is important to test drive tools and see what best fits for you. Do you prefer flexible pricing depending on the turnaround? Or do you prefer a flat-rate service per minute or per month? You may want to take a look at reviews via Technology Websites.

Hint: The best way to start is to test a sample file to see what the transcription service produces.  

Here are our findings of the best transcription services starting with the free ones.


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