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Perhaps you are a journalist conducting a ground-breaking interview for tomorrow’s headline news. Or perhaps you are a historian recording interviews for a Historic British Columbia River Highway Oral History Project. Or perhaps you are speaking with your grandparents to record and preserve information and descriptions about their way of life to pass on to your own grandchildren someday. You will like require interview transcription services.

Or perhaps you are a PhD student or faculty researcher at the University of Manchester exploring the role of architects in disaster recovery, conducting field interviews with industry expert and community stakeholders in areas affected by earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Perhaps you are a social researcher focusing on the relationship between cutting-edge technology and classroom teaching in rural African areas. You will like need interview transcription services.

Accurate interview transcription services are critical, as this lets one focus directly on research, on content, on having material at-hand, helping to gain meaningful intelligence from the data, and fast.

Transcribing oneself, while it seems reasonable, is not actually a viable solution. The large amount of time required to transcribe interviews by hand prevents researchers from progressing with the research and analysing results. It can take an entire day to transcribe interviews that ranged between 60 to 90 minutes. This is simply not sustainable – not for the journalist who needs the interview content immediately; not for the researcher whose hours of recordings are piling up; not for the historian whose oral history project has an imminent deadline.

Choosing excellent interview transcription services means you will get the following:

An interview transcript with very little changed. This transcript will be a document that accurately represents each speaker’s words, conversational quality, and speech patterns. All that will be left out will be things that slow the researcher down: filler words like “er,” “um,” “and then,” “you know,” and other redundant false starts and superfluous comments like “how interesting” or “really?” or “wow!” which the interviewer makes only to show that he is listening.

An interview transcript that is easy to read and understand, with the correct spelling of words, correct spelling of place names, people’s names, and brand names. This will provide ready-to-be-used material for a project, for a thesis, for a book, for the next day’s newspapers.

An interview transcript that is complete, including all the words and transcribable sounds and in their order of occurrence. Audible expressions of emotion can be including as well, such as (laughs) when one speaker does, (laughter) when both do, or (pounds fist on table), or (“pause” when the audio is turned off and on again).

Interview transcripts from interview transcription services, will captures, with accuracy and precision, what has been said, transforming speech into documents that allow for easy access and use of these words.

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