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Why use conference transcription services?

you’re sitting in a conference where quite frankly you would rather be at your desk trying to do some work than listening to the long droning of about 20 speakers.

Scenario 1 – Picture this…you’re sitting in a conference where quite frankly you would rather be at your desk trying to do some work than listening to the long droning of about 20 speakers. The boss is expecting a full debrief…oh boy this is going to be a long day.

Armed with notepad and pen, you’re like an athlete waiting to start your race. The book is open, the pen is set and the first words start pouring out from the first of 20, oh no horror, 32 speakers!

Focused on pleasing the boss, you’re frantically scribbling each thing that seems relevant. But you’re quickly lagging behind and instead of listening you’re focusing on getting every last word recorded. You keep asking your neighbour what was just said, and he’s ignoring you pretending you’re not there. How to Win Friends and Influence People is clearly not working here.

Random words keep popping onto the page and you don’t even know how they got there or what they mean. There is a vague recollection of the speech, but before you’ve digested it the next speaker is up and the previous conversation is a distant memory in your overcrowded brain.

Two hours into the conference – 10 speakers down only 22 more to go! You’re mentally exhausted and have no idea what’s going on, a look of panic crossing your face once in a while as you smile at your now very irritated neighbour. The good thing though, is that you’ve completed a full note book and are onto your second. The boss is going to be seriously pleased with you.

AT LAST, the 32 speakers are finished, it’s 7pm at night and you are 5 notebooks down. You know you’ve done a great job for reporting back to the boss in the morning.

The next day … tired, but pleased with yourself, you enter the boss’s office. You proudly start reading from your notebooks, but are slightly perplexed at the strange look on the boss’ face. Anyway…that obviously means he’s impressed. As you carry on reading, a scary realisation hits you…these words make no sense whatsoever and that explains the strange look. So much for knocking the socks off with your fount of all knowledge feeling!

A simple question from the boss: “What in a nutshell happened at the conference? A fumbled response from you “Ummmm, can I please get back to you?” It seems like the promotion you’ve been after is a distant memory, similar to your recollection of the conference.

Scenario 2 – Now picture this … This scenario is the one that helps your cause to take over the world and be running the company soon! You go to your conference…you sit down, relax and listen. Actually it’s rather interesting, fancy that! But how come the change? Well, the fantastic conference centre is offering transcripts of the entire event – conference transcription. Transcript what? Before coming to the conference you had no idea what transcription was. Quite simply, it is when audio is converted to a text document.

The conference centre has arranged that they record and have the entire conference transcribed, and in a couple of days’ time a marvellous WORD document lands in your inbox. You scan the document, take out the pertinent points and now the boss is impressed with your amazing summary of the conference. Now that you’ve experienced the transcription service…there is no going back.

But, there’s more! You’re going to take over the world because there are other ways to benefit:

  • You’ve suggested to the boss that he creates an e-book of one of your speakers…hey let’s sell it and get some additional revenue. You’re exceptionally keen as this could pay for your promotion!
  • Oh and you’re going to get a press release out…you are going to be boss’s pet for sure.
  • You’re going to use the document to get interesting content on your website, blog, social media and more to get those customers rolling in.
  • Now and forever you’ve got an accurate record of what was said, never again will you enter the conference having to irritate your neighbours and be the last in the race.
  • In your world domination plans, you could even start a conference centre and make some extra cash from giving your delegates the option of transcribing.

The happy ending… transcription has greatly enhanced your climb up that corporate ladder!

2 thoughts on “Conference Transcription”

  1. Enlightening! Why has this not been done before in other places? I can think of a hundred times already where the company I am consulting to might have had better decisions if there was some detailed record of the conversations that led those decisions. Way beyond conferences where it can all become a matter of interpretation by the way!

  2. I cant believe no one is doing this. I have not been to a conference anywhere where this kind of thing is offered. Crazy how many times Ima sure I missed some gem of info because I wasnt there or hearing properly. We need this!

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