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cheap academic transcription services
Absolutely. Some very good, very cheap academic transcription, especially geared to large academic projects of multiple recordings of interviews and focus groups. It is imperative to keep in mind that ‘cheap’ is in no way derogatory – ‘cheap’ simply means that the cost for the transcription can be very low, as academic projects tend to be very large. So essentially the “cheap transcription” equation is this: Big projects = Low cost.

Because academic budgets are often very tight, students and faculty occasionally venture into their own transcribing of the audio recordings for their projects. But most frequently they find this to be onerous, tedious, and much more time consuming than originally anticipated. And more difficult! Transcribing even one hour of recording can take six or seven hours of time – even more for the inexperienced typist! This is where cheap academic transcription services can come to the rescue. An academic’s time is much worthier spent on the analysis of the conversation, the results of the study, the crafting of research into a dissertation, an article or a book.

Way With Words provide a budget solution for large academic transcription projects and these can be custom formatted at request. By far, the best cheap academic transcription is Nibity as Nibity provides all the factors that best serve those needing academic transcription: low cost, fast turnaround, and high accuracy. When a big project is at hand, the faster the transcripts come back to you, the sooner you can begin working with the material – whether it’s for a study being conducted, research analysis, or a book just waiting to be written.

Nibity also handles ongoing contracts for bulk academic orders but also works on a one-off basis. Our cheap academic transcription services include transcribing face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, research interviews, lectures, conferences, workshops, focus groups, dictation, seminars and any other type of academic transcription work.

Our clients range from entire departments with large ongoing research projects to individual graduate students with a single interview.

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