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Updated 20 May 2019

As with any business, when it comes to having to choose a transcription service provider can be a daunting task. There are so many aspects to consider and, most importantly, you need to be assured that you are choosing the right company. Here are our 8 steps to choosing a transcription service provider that may best suits your needs.

Consider your most important need

Identify the most important aspect of your transcript. Is it a deadline, quality, industry experience or confidentiality? Once you’ve identified this critical factor, make sure this guides your decision-making process.

Do your research

Do some research on potential service providers. Do they have the ability to meet your needs?

Ask questions

If, for example, your most critical aspect is the deadline, find out about their capacity. If industry experience is essential, ask about current clients that are in the same industry as you.

Request a client list

A stellar, reputable client list is often an indicator that the service provider is able to deliver good quality transcripts.

Request client testimonials

This should help you make a decision based on your core need/s.

Ask for a short transcript sample of your file

This is an excellent way of assessing service providers capabilities.

Make sure processes are clear and concise

When dealing with a service provider; consider whether they are clear and concise in the processes that need to be followed. This can save you an enormous amount of time.

Check that the upload procedure is easy and secure

The actual uploading process can sometimes be a cumbersome affair. Avoid this time eating step by confirming that the upload procedure is simple and secure.

Once you’ve worked your way through these 8 steps, you should have a good idea as to whether you are choosing the right transcription service provider or not.

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9 thoughts on “TOP TIPS: 8 Steps to Choose A Transcription Service”

  1. Great Stuff !! While looking for a transcription company, many things should be kept in mind as we know different types of transcription, need to be managed differently and by different companies. Getting one that offers the specific service with a high degree of turnaround and quality is quite difficult. You should choose transcription company who are consistent and trustworthy.

  2. Thank you for all this helpful information about choosing a transcription service! One thing that really stood out to me is that you say to do your research and see if their ability meets your needs. It might also be nice to talk to some of their past clients and see how they performed while in their service.

  3. Thank you for all this great information about choosing a transcription service! One thing that really stood out to me is that you say to make sure that you ask them questions about their deadlines, and their capacity. It would be nice to know that you will be able to get your services done when you need them.

  4. My brother has thought about starting a business for a while, and I think that with what he wants to go into, having transcription services would be helpful. I like that you talked about doing your research before you choose business transcription services, and making sure they could meet your needs. I’ll have to share this article with my brother so that he knows about what the best strategy is for business transcription!

  5. This is my first visit to your web journal! We are a group of volunteers and new activities in the same specialty. Website gave us helpful data to work.

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