Media companies use transcriptionSeven reasons for media companies to use transcription services

Each and every day we as consumers are faced with many different forms of media and many different messages to absorb.

Transcription…what exactly is it and why should businesses use these services? Transcription is a powerful ‘tool’ for many businesses. In this article we specifically deal with the benefits of transcription to media companies.

Media is a fast moving and exciting business. Each and every day we as consumers are faced with many different forms of media and many different messages to absorb. But what in the world does media have to do with transcription? Well, actually quite a lot as we’ll discover.

Media covers a large array of businesses including magazine and newspaper publishing, TV and radio broadcasting, production houses, websites and many more.

First, let’s deal with what transcription is. In a nutshell, it is the process of converting audio files to written or text files. Audio files can be voice or video recordings. At Way With Words Transcription, we employ specialist transcribers to carefully listen and study the audio files to create accurate written documents of the recording.

Now let’s deal with the benefits of transcribing for media companies. Regardless of what type of media business you are in, transcribing can be incredibly powerful to make your business more effective and more efficient.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be using transcription…

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  • Protect your business by keeping accurate records of interviews and phone calls. We guarantee confidentiality.
  • Save time by ensuring your staff are focusing on what they’re good at…4 hours of transcribing can amount to more content for your publication or website.
  • Increase traffic – Transcribe exclusive, unedited interviews for your audience to download on your website which can increase traffic.
  • Reach the hearing impaired with full accessibility of transcribed podcasts, videos and live interviews and at the same time increasing your audience.
  • Make your life easier –for reference purposes, scanning through a document is easier than scanning through audio or video.
  • Create more publicity – use your transcribed audio content to create press releases.
  • Make changes to scripts quickly – in post-production transcribe and time code your video files to make changes to your scripts quickly and easily.


These are some pretty powerful reasons to consider transcribing for your business. Let us know your thoughts.




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    1. Thanks Jennifer…in these days of the ‘content revolution’ transcribing is really powerful in helping marketing departments generate more quality content and releasing some of the heavy load!

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