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Content, content, content, content and, you guessed it, more content! If you’re involved in marketing, content marketing is the universal language for success in today’s digital age. Without a doubt, this is the way forward for marketers. But make no mistake, content creation takes an immense amount of time and effort.

So, how do businesses keep up with creating content for content marketing in order to stand out and get noticed?

Whether your organisation is big or small, transcription can help to ease this heavy load. But how? In this article, we give you our top 5 reasons as to why you should consider transcription as part of your marketing budget.

  1. Save time – you’ve got podcasts and webinars galore dotted all over your website and they’re awesome – a goldmine of original content. Now consider this. All your files can be converted from audio files to text by a professional transcription company. No more laboriously sifting through audio files to generate additional content. Upload your audio file and as if by magic a lovely text document lands in your inbox. Give it a quick once over and there you have it…more content. No fuss. Saving this time can mean actually creating content as opposed to deciphering content. Click here for some examples
  2. Killer content at the touch of a button – by having audio files transcribed to text you can effortlessly go forth and create e-books or other amazing content to increase your subscriber lists as well as stand out from the crowd.
  3. Improve search engine rankings – video and audio files are an important part of your overall marketing plans; however, having a text version of these files can improve search engine ranking due to keyword search terms. When search engines crawl sites, text is easier to index than audio and can therefore help to increase rankings.
  4. Appeal to a whole new audience – be ahead of the pack. Converting your audio files to text can provide you with access to a whole new audience – the hard of hearing.  Read this article on how to make those transcripts even more appealing for the hard of hearing audience.
  5. Generate an additional income stream – picture this. You’ve interviewed an industry guru who is highly sought after. Your subscribers have flocked to your paid for webinar. But, there are people out there who couldn’t make it. So how do you get them to enjoy the benefits? Easy. Create an e-book and sell it for a nominal fee. Voila, an additional income stream. Of course you’ll be telling your CEO to funnel that extra money back into your marketing budget and have advanced your career at the same time. Here is an example of how transcripts were used to create an e-book.

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