two beliefs to drop if you want to succeed

When you do anything in life, you are operating according to your personal schema. Similarly, the way you react to events is due to your personal schema.

If you believe people don’t enjoy your company and you discover your coworkers went to lunch without you while you were in a meeting it will reinforce your notion of yourself.

If you believe you get along with everyone and then encounter a colleague with whom you have a contentious relationship, this will not fit into your personal schema and the adjustment will cause some discomfort.

What we tell ourselves on a daily basis has a tremendous effect on our daily lives. It’s easy to point to external factors or obstacles as the major impediments to our success; it’s a lot harder to give an equal examination to the self-made mental obstacles.

Are you the hero in your story or are you the victim? Do you blame external forces or do you take responsibility for your lot in life? Do setbacks stop you in your tracks or do you see them as opportunities to try a new method?

We all have a personal story we use to define ourselves. Our upbringing and all of our experiences come together to create what psychologists call our self-schemas.

Schemas are like little personal instruction books that diagram our worldview. So, two beliefs to drop to succeed:

If I Won, I Made It Happen; If I Lost, It’s Not My Fault

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