Perfect ideas never wait for you to sit at your office desk and start typing. They come while you’re walking your dog, during hikes, in the middle of lunch or even when you’re resting at home. Shouldn’t you save those thoughts at any time regardless of what you’re doing or where you are?

That’s what a good audio to text converter does. It lets you type your ideas as you talk to your device. Indeed, it’s one of the best accessibility features on computers today – letting you write your words or provide a speech to text solution without using your hands on the keyboard.


Audio to text converter software is all about accuracy and speed. However, these programs vary a lot with transcribing speech accurately. This can be influenced by many conditions including recording equipment used, background noise, dialect/s spoken and over-talking (group situation).

The first tip and a general rule of thumb is to use a good audio to text converter for dictation (single speaker) purposes only. Group discussions, interviews or any recordings with background noise still affects the level of accuracy achieved by such software. One can still use an audio to text converter for recording interviews but you need to take care with how to record the interviews in the first place.

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