Multi-User Transcription Account nibity


Do you want to control your business’s and team transcription requirements and finances? Think multi-user transcription account …

Have a small business? A medium business? A mega business? Have a few staff members, or even a larger team, who require transcription services on a regular basis?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

Perhaps you are involved in media and have television shows that require transcription editing. Or maybe you have archived webinars that you need to make available in text format. Or you regularly post podcasts on your website that need to be transcribed for accessibility for the hearing impaired. Maybe you’re the editor of a sizable newspaper with a team of journalists hustling for interviews and cutting-edge stories, with regular audio to be put into text format and shaped into news articles. Or maybe you run a research company repeatedly conducting a series of interviews and focus groups which must be transcribed into text format for information analysis.

You would then be a prime candidate for our beneficial Nibity Multi-User Transcription Account.

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