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Speech-to-text services for audio transcripts may be possible if the person being recorded speaks very slowly,​ methodically,​ clearly enunciating every single word,​ and without a difficult to understand the accent. However,​ the moment there is background noise in the recording – the clinking of cutlery in a restaurant,​ a strong gust of wind,​ a child crying,​ static through a phone line – or more than one speaker in the recording,​ this becomes too difficult for software to decipher exactly what is being said all the time.

Audio transcripts are provided by a service whereby a transcriber converts a recording – whether audio or video – into an electronic text document or a transcript (read our hints and tips for recording quality sound or How to convert audio to text).


Audio transcripts service providers vary in their pricing and service schemes. Some charge per character,​ some per audio minute,​ and still others by the actual time spent transcribing the audio. Some offer certain rates based on the turnaround of the transcript,​ whether same day,​ overnight,​ several days or even weeks. Others offer a base rate and then increase that rate based on the number of speakers in the audio file,​ the difficulty of accents spoken,​ and the quality of the audio recording itself,​ whether it is clear or contains static or is echoey.

Way With Words provides an accurate and reliable audio transcripts service to meet your needs,​ ensure you receive our service benefits and that can capably have your subject matter transcribed.

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