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Austin is the state capital of Texas, an inland city bordering the Hill Country region. Home to the University of Texas flagship campus, Austin is known for its eclectic live-music scene centered around country, blues and rock. Its many parks and lakes are popular for hiking, biking, swimming and boating. South of the city, Formula One’s Circuit of the Americas raceway has hosted the United States Grand Prix.

Speech To Text Austin Transcription Services Austin is provided by Nibity, offering users a simple speech to text process for any audio or video files. Once your transcript is completed, you receive an email notification, log in to your account and collect your transcript.


1. Easy: Simply upload, get collection date and pay.
2. Quick: Get your transcript back in 24 hours, or next in queue.
3. Accessible: Easily access your account to check status and collect transcripts.
4. Affordable: Select one of our discount packages for even cheaper options.


Speech To Text Austin Transcription Services Austin transcribes English language audio or video recordings. Furthermore, we cover a wide range of subject matter and recordings from many different settings.

Clients use our services for medical research, legal cases, academic lectures and speeches, general conversations, media interviews, marketing presentations, film captions, financial decisions, sermons, as well as conference events and police investigations.

We transcribe recordings of meetings, focus group research, dictations, conferences, one-on-one interviews, as well as phone calls. Accordingly, we aim to produce the highest quality transcript, which is why we always recommend users explore the many options available to help improve their sound recording quality. It follows that the clearer the audio, the more accurate the transcript, therefore ensuring high-quality audio is extremely important.

We accept all popular file types and formats up to 1 GB in size. Furthermore, instead of going through the effort of uploading a file, you can simply drop a YouTube or Dropbox link for us to transcribe!