Change Voice To Text? - voice to text options

You have three choices: Transcribe it yourself, try software or consider a voice to text service.

Transcribe it yourself

Good: You save money. You are likely know the subject and context of the recording.
Bad: You spend time typing it all out. You usually will spend more time than you thought – if you are not an experienced typist.

Try software designed for speech-to-text solutions

Good: Products out there are always improving. Useful if you use your software frequently enough for your own voice – only then does accuracy improve a lot.
Bad: They really work “OK” in terms of accuracy (that word again!) if its one voice dictation. Yes, this is 2016 and technology is (r)amping up the speed and solutions out there for most things but we still don’t see real improvement in voice to text capabilities of any existing software. We have trialed quite a few designed for automated transcription. Another limiting factor is constraint on languages and many dialects.

Consider a Voice to Text service

Good: Plenty out there. Usually they now fight on offering a great price. Many also offer custom options for the format you require and add-on’s. At this time, it’s still real people they use for transcribing, so a there is more implicit trust with the accuracy of the transcript you will receive.
Bad: Almost all voice to text services offer a great “price”, which is sadly conditional. So what you initially see advertised as the rate (per minute), is not actually what you will likely pay. Many over-promise accuracy (we have even seen a promise of 200%!!!). The reality is that accuracy depends on the capability of the specific transcriber they allocate your recordings to and, influencing this, how they assessed and trained that transcriber (very few actually do). Also, in terms of practice, very few voice to text companies ever consider dialect and subject matter for the purposes of improved allocation and management.

Each choice has its advantages and disadvantages. When you decide we suggest you consider your urgency, implicit trust for accuracy, and whether you might require any custom layout or add-ons.