speech to text app best?

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Speech to text: There are a wide variety of both aging and new speech to text apps on the market offering various transcription services.

The older, established ones, such as Nuance Dragon are useful for single speaker dictation solutions and also work on offering industry-focused solutions that include document storing, etc. for users.

On the other hand more recent speech to text apps emerging from VC stables or recently set up tech companies are racing fast towards offering near-time highly accurate speech to text or similar type solutions. A good example of this is the very recently launched live translator (Pilot) which offers almost live time translation of persons speaking to each other in two different languages. Technologies are also addressing user experience by addressing simpler combined solutions or communication products such as Audio Notetaker where users have a more visual manner of handling recordings and can then transcribe them as required by either bits/ sections or whole recording.

When asking what the best transcription app is, you might also want to keep in mind many transcription services that offer an app solution are not actually providing much more than a linking stream process to upload recordings back into their existing workflow systems (sometimes through third party vendors). Interestingly, you may also find that the initial “simple price” changes once you sign up and then have to go through a lengthy set of choices that impact your bottom-line when calculating the final (actual!) cost to user. So what you initially see, is often not what you end up in terms of cost.

We work with upfront pricing and offer two very different solutions for users looking for transcription – one that offers a more traditional (people-driven) custom centric solution (Way With Words, which may we add is offering increasingly competitive pricing) and a new-build hyrbid service – Nibity – that provides a more appified simple transcription solution for mobile and desktop users to consider – just drop your audio or video and get a total price and date to collect in seconds.

Lookout for our new Nibity’s incredible pricing and simple-to-use service from October 2016!