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machine transcription vs human transcription

Audio to text software everywhere is appearing and becoming more mainstream as the accuracy of dialect and accent improves through various evolving speech training algorithms.

So will the relevance of using such software beat using human-based transcription?

That’s the open question we have been addressing in watching machine transcription in the past year. Our view (among’st many!) is that integrating the software back-end with people in the next generation together provides for some interesting functionality for the future of what transcription services can provide and users want or need from a transcript.

A balanced integration of the “best of both worlds” brings “double processed” accuracy, practical ability to record the nuance of the spoken words, view and note human relevant behavior (pauses in speech or intonations, across to relevant and meaningful video body language suggestive body language) and much more.

In all, transcription service that can correctly apply a “soft-sapian” (we love creating new words!!!) have excellent prospects for introducing text products that solve the customers needs at many more levels.

We believe our services going into the next period of transitional technology and human enablers marries the harmony machine transcription providers can now bring to relevance and relevant product

[We are a transcription group of companies offering both a custom human-based transcription service – Way With Words – and currently evolving a new truly hybrid-oriented system based – Nibity offering – currently in beta.]