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Laura Budler – Head of Sales and Customer Care

Meet Laura Budler, Way With Words Head of Sales and Customer Care. If it’s got to do with sales, quotes or anything customer care, this is the lady to get in touch with. We get the lowdown on what makes her tick.


How long have you been at Way With Words?

It’s been 4½ blissful years.

What does your Sales hat involve?

Quite a lot actually, but here’s a snippet!

  • Global presentation of rates and services
  • Tracking of enquiries and conversions by territory / industry
  • Processing of new clients
  • Assessing of global market spaces of similar services

Your other hat is Customer Care. What does this involve?

Anything and everything that relates to pleasing and delighting our clients! I love it!

Our customers are really important to us and my job is to make sure that they’re happy. Occasionally things do go wrong, and if something does, I’m here to sort it out. We love compliments but we also appreciate knowing if we’ve done something wrong, so that we can fix it.

I am constantly reviewing and changing our processes to fit our clients’ needs and to make sure we deliver the best service and product.

What does your day at WWW involve?

We are an exceptionally busy team and my day is always full of new and interesting things. I can honestly say that at Way With Words I learn something new every day, which helps me grow and adapt to our fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

I attend meetings pertaining to key clients, liaise with Marketing to co-ordinate upcoming campaigns, complete quotes, complete some more quotes, respond to client questions and needs, process new clients and work closely with Operations to get those transcripts delivered as promised.

Then there will probably be another meeting, another chat with Accounts, another meeting and then some more quotes!

Busy days full of excitement.

What was it about Way With Words which had you falling over your feet to join?

I was immediately drawn to the excitement and challenges of growing a company globally.

What do you love about Way With Words?

Many things, but here are some: the company growth, the changes in response to market, the global nature of the company, the fact that I learn or experience something new nearly every single day, the intelligence and humour of my colleagues, the fact that we can input ideas and act on them.

There must be some things that you don’t enjoy. What are they?

Honestly, the allergies generated from the surrounding vineyard, although it is beautiful.

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