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Speeches that have changed the world – Part 2

Welcome to our second Infographic about speeches that have changed the world from Hitler to Stalin, Churchill to Nelson Mandela.

Throughout history there have been some powerful speeches that have literally changed the world. We take a look some of these. In this Infographic we look at Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Charles De Gaulle, Franklin D Roosevelt, General George S Patton Jr., Emperor Horohito and Nelson Mandela. Look out for Part 3 which will be coming soon. Can you think of any other speeches that have changed history?

Speeches that have changed the world Infographic

2 thoughts on “Speeches that Changed the World – Part 2”

  1. I am studying how speeches have changed history. Intersting that the main figures you show are almost the same that I weighted near or at the top. The most significant though and current would be Nelson Mandela…

    1. Hi Mikayla. Thanks for the comment. Yes, Nelson Mandela is absolutely the most current, especially today on Mandela Day. Good luck with your studies and keep a look out for Part 3 of our “Speeches that Changed the World”.

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