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How Transcription can help your business

Transcription. Isn’t that some sort of biological process? Well yes, but not in this context. Ok so it’s obviously translation, yes? No again.

Transcription is plain and simply the process of converting speech to text. If you’ve recorded an audio file, a transcription service provider will listen and type the content into a text format.

That’s great, but why would you need it?

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 reasons transcription will benefit your business.

  1. Keep accurate records – whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer or a media mogul, having text versions of your audio files ensures that your information is captured accurately so that everyone has a common understanding.
  2. Increase online exposure – text is far easier for search engines to crawl than video or audio, which means that having a transcript of a video or podcast will allow your content to get found.
  3. Create additional revenue streams – turn audio content into EBooks to sell.
  4. Delight your customers – make life easy for them. Having text to read and refer back to can save your customers time.
  5. Help your marketing efforts – taking audio files and turning them into text documents can save you heaps of time with content creation. Create press releases, articles, reports or newsletters quickly.
  6. Appeal to the hard of hearing –having a text version of an audio file means that the hard of hearing are also able to enjoy your content.
  7. Keep compliant – by keeping accurate records you can remain compliant in your industry
  8. Save time and money – instead of using staff in-house to type up your documents, which is hugely labour intensive, you can have a service provider do the work for you quickly and easily. Your staff can focus on growing your business instead.
  9. Protect your reputation – if you get the facts wrong, the consequences could be devastating. Accurate transcripts will make sure you get it right.
  10. Keep the past in the present – having a transcript allows you to easily refer to and access documents, no matter how far back they occurred.

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  1. Thanks for the great blog on business transcription helping your business. I own a Business Transcription Services company. I’m sure some of your readers would find our low cost audio transcription options to be a great value for their company.

  2. I like how you mentioned with transcription, you are able to have medical records in a paper form after recording them. I used to think that all doctors typed up all of their records on their own when they had a spare moment. It’s great that they’re able to simply voice record their notes, and then have it transcribed into a patients record for them.

  3. In today’s content business and organizations are unable to have a dedicated employee to transcribe their meetings, seminars and marketing research. Therefore, professional transcription services play a vital role in providing timely transcripts at an affordable rate. Your article is great and I am sure that business owners will be sure to utilize transcription services.

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