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Legal Transcription

Make sure there are no broken telephones when you are dealing with legal transcripts

In the legal industry, accuracy, confidentiality and security are absolutely critical. Getting the facts wrong in a transcript could have serious repercussions and could damage your reputation as a lawyer.


There is no room for error.


An important decision you will have to make will be to choose how to get your transcripts produced. You could have the transcripts produced in-house, or you could employ a transcription service provider to produce the transcripts for you.


Whatever path you take, you need to be certain that you’re getting it right.


If you do decide to use a transcription service provider, choose wisely and ask the following questions:


  •     Does the service provider have experience within the legal field?  Ask for a client list.
  •     Do they employ local transcribers who understand terminology and are also familiar with the accents?
  •     Do they have the ability and capacity to meet your deadlines?
  •     Is their process convenient?
  •     Are your files secure?
  •     How do they ensure confidentiality?


If all of your needs are met, then you should be confident with the choice that you’ve made.


At Way With Words we produce legal transcripts for top law firms. See below for a sample of our client base:

the International Criminal Court, Law Society of Upper Canada and many more.


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