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Healthcare or medical transcriptionHealthcare and medical transcription

Healthcare and medical transcription is about getting the facts right – always!

Within the healthcare industry, accuracy and confidentiality are absolutely critical when dealing with transcription. Getting the facts wrong can prove to be deadly and costly.

Here at Way With Words we employ local medical transcribers – they understand accents as well as terminology. When getting the words right is a non-negotiable, this is something you have to take into consideration. There have been many reported cases of how transcription errors have cost lives and when you’re choosing your service provider make sure you are absolutely comfortable with their experience. One thing to consider is their client list within your industry. This can give you a good idea as to whether they are reputable or not.

Here are just some of our healthcare clients:

If you would like more information on our healthcare or medical transcription services, please contact us at info@waywithwordsgroup.com


5 thoughts on “Spotlight On – Medical transcription”

  1. Hi there. Cant see your clients as it says “this show requires javascript, but wanted to agree how many cases there are where the wrong leg was amputated because of a mishearing by the transcriber!

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your comments. Thanks for pointing out that the scroller is not working, we’re aware of it and will fix it today.
      You are so right about how many things have gone wrong with errors in medical transcription – choosing the right provider is critical when doing medical transcription!

  2. Your scroller does not work. Many transcription companies get medical transcription wrong. Being an MD myself I can atest to the poor records anyone – who is not medically knowlegable – keeps. Software does not cut it either so maybe sticking to inhouse is best.

    1. Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for visiting our site. We appreciate your comments.
      Yes, the scroller is not working. We’re aware of the problem and are busy fixing it.
      You’re right, software is a risky business when it comes to critical information. It’s really important to check out a transcription provider in terms of their expertise and the industries they’ve worked within. Some people prefer to do transcription inhouse and others choose to use a service provider – it depends on the needs. As said, just make sure you’re using the right company with the medical knowledge and also very importantly is local and understands accents.

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