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Operations Manager – Jenni Townshend

“I am proud to call myself
an Operations Manager for Way With Words”

Please provide your Way With Words job title and a description of what you do.

I am proud to call myself an Operations Manager for Way With Words. Describing what I actually do – if people ask me – can be a bit of a challenge. As our MD says, Operations is the engine of the company. We get things done; we ensure our clients are happy with the quality and the deadlines of their transcripts. We have a wonderful, funny, bright, enthusiastic & energetic bunch of women running Ops. As with any job, there is some drudge work that happens every day which ensures that everything runs perfectly smoothly. We feel our engine could take on Formula 1 (and win!)

What do you like the most? The least?

I chose to take the 5th Amendment on this one!

Share a bit of interesting personal information about yourself

My journey in life started inside my mum’s tummy, on the train to Northern Rhodesia where my father had contracted to work on the copper mine in Kitwe. What an incredible place to be raised as a child in the 60’s. There were trees to climb, places to explore, foefie-slides to build above the river, watching my parents ballroom dance every weekend, gogga’s to catch after the rain, incredible tropical thunder and lightning storms, only wearing shoes when going into town in our Ford Fairlane, Ting-a-lings at the Golf Course patio after caddying 18 holes with dad! Twice a year we used to drive down to Cape Town, towing a caravan for holidays by the coast. I have seen pretty much every wild African animal and each time stopping at Vic Falls made me stand in awe at such majesty! Now my life is filled with my teenage son and the ups and downs of being a single mum, a sister, a lover, a friend, a colleague etc. I wouldn’t change it for the world (maybe just give it a tweak here and there…)

Ask someone else in OPS to describe you….now tell us what they are saying!

Oh dear, the girls say: quirky, talkative, straightforward (sometimes without any tact), lip-ice addicted when under pressure, good sense of humour…. phew that’s enough already!

How long have you been at WWW? What first brought you here?

I joined as a transcriber in June 2005 under the gentle care of Yvette Heymans who was an incredible mentor to me. I still miss her.

How long do you foresee yourself here?

Until I win the Lotto or that millionaire whizzes me off on a round the world trip… and YES, I will come and visit each and every one of you just to give you a great big HUG!


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