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I was pleased to find Way With Words back in 2011 when I was looking for an online transcription opportunity.

When I think back to the formatting (or lack thereof) contained in my first test job, I have to give thanks to the Way With Words staff who saw beyond that and moved me to the next level in the recruitment process.

I was born in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, which to this day is still a small town of 20,000 people. We endured long snowy winters but delighted in winter sports and activities.  A winter did not go by without a huge ice rink in our back yard.  Our summers were always a welcome break, where we spent days at the beach, going camping and travelling to various parts of North America.  Our back yard was transformed once again as my father had any and all variety of sports set up, from volleyball to the Ping-Pong table, or a homemade mini golf course.  I excelled in business classes and music in high school.  My fingers always seemed to move quickly and accurately across the keyboard and I think my piano playing helped with that.

Following a happy childhood I moved to Toronto to attend university.  I took a break in between years and travelled to Jamaica on a student church exchange, to live with a family doing ministry in The Salvation Army there.  I travelled all over and worked with many unique and wonderful people, and of course took full advantage of the beaches.  I returned to Toronto to go back to school and continued working at a summer camp during the summer breaks, as I had done for a number of years.  This area called Muskoka is an absolutely beautiful part of our country filled with lakes, islands and beaches.  This, along with my childhood experiences, is no doubt the reason I developed a great love for the outdoors.  I am an avid photographer and enjoy the great outdoors for many photo opportunities as well.  In my younger days I did a lot of wedding photography and PowerPoint productions for wedding receptions, but over the years as the family has grown the focus has become one of capturing memories of the children and pets.

Other travel has included accompanying my then 87 year old grandfather back to his homeland on a tour of Scotland a decade ago.  That was a great experience as I’m not sure many people have the opportunity to travel too far with their grandparents who are approaching 90.  Last year I took my daughter on her first trip to New York City and that was good fun.  My brother travels to South Africa frequently working with Cape Town’s urban agricultural and spatial planners on their food strategy plan.  I hope to accompany him on one of his trips in the future.

My husband and I met while working at a summer camp and endured a long distance relationship until we married five years later.  Eventually there was the pitter-patter of little feet with the arrival of our daughter, now 16 and son, now 14.  It was always our hope to be blessed with a third child but soon after we made that decision I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and this laid the idea to rest for quite a while.  Almost ten years after our second son and shortly after I turned 41 our third bundle of joy arrived and he is now almost 5.  We have a great time with our kids and there is a lot going on in our noisy household.  I was surprised by the questions people asked when I got pregnant the third time after so many years.  Was it a surprise?  Is this your second marriage?  Are you sure you want to go back to the diaper stage again?  I was always happy to answer that this was planned and was something we were eager to experience again.  Having another child later in life is unique in that I felt much wiser and less concerned about the little things in life.  I enjoy seeing the two older kids so involved with our toddler and I see that it provides some valuable life lessons for them.  Of interest is how in tune my daughter is with her youngest brother, anticipating his needs and dealing with him using a soft touch.  That mother’s instinct has kicked in early.  In Canada we are fortunate to be able to take a full year of maternity leave.  Knowing that this was my third and final baby I cherished every moment of my year off, which of course went by all too quickly.

As far as my work life goes, I work full time in a hospital in Toronto where I run the Medical Staff Office.  There are over 250 physicians on staff and I enjoy the work as every day is different, whether it is the task at hand or the individual I am dealing with.  I like the fast pace of the hospital environment as well where things are always on the go and changing.  Shortly after I began working at the hospital the SARS outbreak occurred and that was quite an experience working with masks on all day for a number of weeks.

Our family lives in Brampton, Ontario which is a short distance from Toronto.  We enjoy living near a major center and taking advantage of everything it has to offer including concerts, sporting events and the theatre.  As a family we love to camp and be outdoors throughout the summer in our trailer, although our favourite vacation destination is still Disney World in Florida.  We consider ourselves travel experts when it comes to the Disney trips and often have friends calling for tips and travel advice.  I can’t forget to mention our two dogs, Molly the Shi Tzu and Jake the Golden Retriever.  They travel everywhere with us and are great companions for each other.  The dogs also provide an excuse to be out walking as the good weather approaches.

Sometimes my family can be heard asking if I have any typing to do or are you finished that job yet?  While family life is a priority I am always keen to start on the next WWW file as there are such a wide variety of interesting topics covered.  I always learn a thing or two along the way and there is a sense of accomplishment at finally completing that challenging 100 minute task.  Thanks Way With Words!


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