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Bulk Transcription With Quality!

 What in the world does this have to do with transcription? Keep reading and you’ll find out why.

We’re not going to enter into the debate, but we can tell you this. At Way With Words, bigger is definitely better. Hmmmm, I hear you say, I still don’t get it. Have these people lost their minds?


What is ‘bigger’?

Here we mean, BULK! Ah, a sigh of relief, this does have something to do with transcription.


What is ‘better’?

Well price of course. So, hopefully you can now see why bigger is better.

Bulk projects receive substantially reduced rates.


Let’s define what bulk is…

Bulk jobs are defined as any project over 20 hours. The more hours, the higher the discounts we apply.

Bulk is broken down as follows:

  • 20 to 50 hours – files need to be uploaded within one month
  • 51 to 250 hours – files need to be uploaded within two months
  • 251 to 500 hours – files need to be uploaded within three months
  • Over 500 hours – negotiable


Who would use bulk?

There are various industries which have substantial volumes for transcription, including:

  • Students or faculties at Universities
  • Medical or social researchers with interviews or focus groups
  • Films or media companies
  • Writers with hours of interviews for books
  • Conferencing or teleconferencing with days or weeks of conferences


Have over 20 audio hours coming up? Why not give us a try?

Just complete our easy-to-follow online Bulk Volume Quote form below and you will receive a quick quote from us.




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