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What is Premium Transcript Proofing and why would you need it?

Our transcribers are specialists and their main task is to take your audio files and convert them into written documents in Word. The written documents are produced exactly as they are heard. Now enters Premium Transcript Proofing. What exactly is it and why would you need it? In this article we give you the low-down and you can decide if you might need the service for your next transcription project.

What is Premium Transcript Proofing?

First and foremost we would like to say that Way With Words Transcription has an exceptionally stringent quality control process and all documents are checked before being sent back to our clients. Also, 25% of all our transcripts are randomly selected for in-depth checks, to make sure that our standards are not only being met but exceeded.

Premium Transcript Proofing is a triple-super-check of a transcript. What this means is that your transcript will be given the most thorough of checks possible, by an independent reviewer.

Premium Transcript Proofing ensures the following:

  • That the facts are accurate by conducting online research;
  • That speech is correctly attributed, even when speakers are difficult to differentiate;
  • That brand names and places are double-checked for accuracy;
  • That the audio is produced faithfully into the Word document; and
  • That the highest standards of grammar are adhered to.

These reviewers will sit and agonise over what that interviewee was saying at the exact moment that a police siren went off in the background, or what that acronym was that was obscured by coughing, or which person’s voice just squeaked out that little known fact. While our normal transcription standards are high, our reviewers approach your transcript with the expectation that it is as faithful a reproduction of the content of your sound file as is humanly possible.

Why would you need Premium Transcript Proofing?

There are certainly instances when informational and factual accuracy is of utmost importance – crucial meetings, financial matters, legal wrangling and court hearings, podcasts that will be posted directly onto web sites, interviews for newspapers, and staff disciplinary hearings amongst others.

Our reviewers are not working to merely “fix” your transcript – our transcribers are trained to comb through the document more than once to identify and “fix” their own work. Our reviewers “enhance” your transcript and take the time to research all key terms and names to verify spelling accuracy; they scrutinise content presented and will flag inconsistent or illogical information for you to assess. And remember, transcribers are human, and each has one set of ears. If there is something our transcriber has been unable to hear, our reviewers can take the time to listen, re-listen, Google, search and correct.

Contact us today for more information on our Premium Transcript Proofing service.

We’re also looking for contractors to help us with our Premium Transcript Proofing service. If you feel like you meet the grade, contact us for further information on hr@waywithwordsgroup.com


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