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Ros Ashmore has been the Way With Words’ TOP transcriber for a couple months in a row now (bells and whistles and hoots and hollers!!), so we would like to do a little feature on Ros, what makes her tick, and what makes her type!


Ros, you transcribed a whopping 2904 minutes last month (48.4 hours)!!! How in the world do you manage to transcribe sooooo much??

I really don’t know. I’ve surprised myself because I’ve never been a fast typist. But very pleased.

Do you see yourself as a “transcribing machine”? haha

Yes, indeed. Fully automatic.

How early in the morning do you start?

Usually about 8 am but it depends on what sort of a deadline I have.

What’s a day look like for you?

I enjoy every day. It’s just a pity they go by so quickly.

Do you often transcribe through the evening? In the night?

I do sometimes. But I prefer to be in bed early because I can’t type properly the next day if I’m tired. I just make mistake after mistake.

How do you prioritise your work? How do you manage your time?

Yes, that can be tricky, but so far so good.

What kinds of files do you most enjoy? Least enjoy?

A well-spoken businessman giving his views on the world, interviews with politicians, financial conference calls. Anything interesting, really. If I have a choice, I prefer male speakers – easier on the ears. And I’ll take Ignacio Bustamante any day! I am useless at groups, but I don’t mind doing one occasionally.

Do you ever leave the house or are you permanently in front of the computer?


What motivates you to transcribe so much?

I like to be busy and I work best when under a bit of pressure with a deadline or three to meet. And also thanks to the girls in Ops, and Sean, who always offer me nice work.

What do you do to relax when not transcribing?

I love Saturdays – shopping, browsing around Tygervalley, spending all the money I’ve earned. Gym with my sister on Sundays. And, of course, now that I’m at home all day I can even take time off to watch cricket.

How would you advise someone who is trying hard to do more hours but struggling?

Try and focus on accuracy rather than speed. Concentrate on what is being said. If you can’t hear something, mark it with a timing in the text and go back to it afterwards but try and get it all down, client-ready, first time. The speed will come once you’re confident of what you’re typing.

What encouragement can you offer others who want to be a shooting transcription star?

Not sure what you mean by STAR, but if it is typing lots of minutes, if I can do it, anyone can.

What will it take to de-throne you next month?? Hahaha

I’m honestly not looking to set any records. I just need to work and am fortunate to be able to work from home for Way With Words.



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  1. Impressive. Does she have a social life? I have a friend like this who just never ever stops. We even do our charity for humanity by popping to her condo once a week to feed her at the mac! Her general knowledge though is fab.

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