SPOTLIGHT: Dr Julian Sefton-Green, Independent Researcher And Consultant

Dr Sefton-Green is currently part time at the LSE, University of London, as a principal research fellow in the department of Media and Communications, working at many levels of the formal and informal education systems. He is an honorary professor in the school of Education at the University of Nottingham and also holds a post as an adjunct associate research professor at the University of South Australia and is working as an independent consultant and researcher across a range of disciplines and subject specialisms: youth, media and technology; regeneration, community and education policy; and creativity, learning and arts research.

Recording Guidelines For Best Sound

First, let me begin with an apology for this title. Where some of our clients are concerned, ‘have to’ should be changed to ‘get to’. Some of the recordings we receive are of such high quality that the transcriber happily bangs away for hours, typing the final full stop with a contented sigh. This piece is not intended for those clients. Further, many of our clients, particularly those in the news business, have little or no control over where, how or when a luminary will consent to being interviewed. They must make the most of the opportunity with the tools they have to hand. This piece is also not for them.