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‘Bold, how to be brave in business and win’


Congratulations to one of our fantastic clients, Shaun Smith, for receiving the CMI ‘E-Book of the year’ award for his recent book ‘Bold, how to be brave in business and win’ for which Way With Words did all the transcriptions!


Well done, Shaun!

Here’s more about Shaun:

Shaun has been a catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the wider strategic issue of customer experience. He has developed some of the latest thinking around this subject, helping organisations world-wide create a compelling customer experience that achieves brand differentiation and customer loyalty.

He is co-author of four acclaimed business books. Shaun’s latest book “Bold, how to be brave in business and win” examines those brands that are transforming their markets.

Rated as one of the top business speakers Shaun doesn’t talk about complex methodologies or magic bullets; instead his approach is refreshingly straightforward, always pragmatic and at times, controversial.

Please contact Janine Dyer for fuller description of Shaun’s credentials, list of major speaking engagements and testimonials from satisfied clients.

To view his show-reels click here:

And here is what Shaun has said about us:

As a consultant and author specialising in customer experience it takes a lot to impress me. But impressed I was with Way With Words. It is rare to find an organisation that is so responsive and efficient. The team transcribed the many interviews for my book ‘Bold, how to be brave in business and win’ and they were delivered on time and completely accurately. When I did have any questions, Ros, the Operations Manager was inevitably able to answer them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Way With Words to anyone for whom the quality of service is paramount.


Shaun Smith Author and Professional Speaker on Customer Experience.





5 comments on “Shaun Smith and Way With Words”

  1. Todd Jensen says:

    Ho, I know Shaun! Great work buddy, big fan here!

  2. Michaela Judd says:

    Being a writer is one of the hardest experiences anyone can imagine. Shaun has cracked through a ceiling few do these days. As a budding writer I would like to congratulate him. It may just inspire me enough to continue after so many years of trying. I will certainly read his guide.

  3. Amber says:

    Congratulations. As a transcriber for another company I often assist authors with research and know how difficult it really can be to be recongnized.

  4. Antonio says:

    I recall hearing from a work associate who followed one of Shaun’s business presentations about how it left him really thinking about how he did things at work inefficiently in many ways. Seems to be an inspiring bloke. Some colleagues were due to see him at Millbank a few days ago, so will be interested to hear more.

  5. Ben Lenox says:

    I wonder if writing is so hard? I have come across so many articles that look the same. Makes one wonder…

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