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Way With Words Transcription is a division of Way With Words Group. While it is our job to deliver the highest quality transcript possible, it is our underlying goal to do so with the highest possible degree of efficiency and professionalism for our clients. Hence, it is our company’s policy to strive for customer service excellence.

Customer service refers to the quality of experience our clients have as they communicate with us about their transcription needs—from the moment of initial contact to the delivery of the transcript to the follow-up assessing their level of satisfaction.

This document sets forth our expectations of the manner in which our staff serve our clients.

We commit to educate and guide our customers to the best of our ability

Our clients contact us for our expertise in transcription. It is our duty to provide them with all the information they need to make an educated decision and then to guide them through the transcription process.

We commit to communicate timeously and professionally

When a client sends us an email or leaves a message, it is our policy to reply as soon as possible and in a professional manner. We will never leave communication unattended.

We commit to resolve clients’ queries efficiently

It is our policy that we will resolve clients’ queries fast and efficiently. We will always keep the client informed as to the steps we are taking to resolve the query. We do not consider the query resolved until the client is satisfied.

We commit to keeping each other informed on each client’s job

As we are a global company, we are always available to our clients. Before ending a shift, we inform our colleagues of the clients we have been assisting and the current status of their jobs. It makes a world of difference if another colleague can continue to assist a client in a smart and professional manner when a particular staff member isn’t available.

We commit to offer alternative solutions fast

When it becomes clear that a client is experiencing difficulty uploading files due to their system, we quickly assess and attempt to establish what could be causing the problem and provide the client with troubleshooting tips. If there is a problem the client cannot rectify, we then offer alternatives as soon as possible. We don’t wait until the client contacts us; rather we pro-actively contact the client at the first sign of IT difficulty.

We commit to listen to our clients

It is our responsibility to make sure our clients get exactly what they need. We ask clients why they require transcription to help establish exactly what they need in terms of format and turnaround time. Some clients may think that they need time-coding, or full verbatim, or that they have to use their own template, some of which costs extra. We help clients make informed decisions. Yes, we would love to offer time-coding and templating at an extra charge to our clients, but we’d much prefer have a satisfied and returning client than a client who feels cheated.

We commit to follow through – to keep our promises

We make sure that clients get the service they were promised, even service beyond expectation! If a client has been told that he will receive a confirmation email, then we make sure he gets it! We do not make a promise we can’t keep, and we keep every promise we do make!

We commit to treat each client as valuable

We acknowledge each client as an individual with their own special needs and handle them as such. We DO NOT treat all our clients the same! We learn their names. We appreciate them when they come back. We remember their unique job needs and specifications. We thank them. We develop a relationship with them that shows our appreciation.

We commit to follow-up

We phone or email a client, depending on their preference, a day or two after their job has been completed to assess their level of satisfaction with both their transcripts received and our service delivered. We ask for suggestions for ways to improve our service. We allow them to share their experience with us, whether positive or negative, and allow their feedback to determine choices we make and changes we implement as we continue to work with other clients in the future. We always follow up!

We thank all our staff for upholding our Way With Words’ customer service policy during the last ten years, resulting in ten years of Customer Service Excellence. We know and trust that the next ten years will be even ten times better.





5 thoughts on “Is This Good Customer Care?”

  1. As a client who uses private transcriber I wonder if your policy really works in practice. Why use such a large company when I can use a private transcriber who I know personally?

  2. I am a private transcriber and agree. Big companies carry a lot more risk if clients dont know who they are asking to transcribe confidential work. Hope you dont remove this post because Im being honest!

  3. You produced some decent points there. I looked on the net for customer tips as we need to get out into web more, and found this useful. Maybe more on short suggestions that are simple and work? Too many sites have much too much to say. Very confusing and most with pitch to sell you something – nothing I can rember.

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